Bai on a Segway!

Early in the morning, sipping my energy drink Le-espresso at a Spanish cafe, I find my mind racing between world crises, intergalactic space, Earthly Space, expanding technology, and receding mankind. Europe can provide you with a taste of everything, from stunning architecture to heartbreaking memories of World War II. As a couple approached the coffee shop on their smart self-balancing motor vehicle, known in western countries as a Segway, I had to retain my thoughts.

Segway is a two-wheeled, battery-powered mode of personal transportation that ferries you from point A to point B. A group of fellow Segway riders who happened to be on the city tour soon joined this lovely couple. I approached James, the tour leader, who was fluent in English with a little Spanish accent. Due to Segway restrictions, he informed me that Hoverboard scooters and Segways are prohibited to ride in public.

These popular self-balancing scooters must conform to particular rules, which means they cannot be ridden on roads or pavements and must instead be used off-road or on private property. I asked James if I may take a few minutes to check out this non-hovering scooter. After a brief instruction, he grinned and requested me to be as intuitive as possible with the balance.

The Segway group had stopped at the café for a break, and as they waited for their coffee, I climbed on this little scooter to try out the world’s most famous mode of transportation. It was terrifying for the first three minutes, but with James’ help, I was able to regain my grasp and balance just in time. After just 5-minutes on this mode of transportation, you’ll have a good idea of how the world will end. Well! Of course, this is the next-generation gadget that would replace a lot of physical exercises, such as walking, running, and anything else that would keep one in shape.

I expressed my gratitude to James for the amazing experience and returned to my coffee table for a refill. I was prepared to jot down noteworthy thoughts in my mind’s journal. As I am an Indian national, everything revolves around the possibility of a future India. If only Mumbai’s surrounds were cleaner, with broader roads, fewer encroachments, and off-road pathways! The well-heeled family of high social standings reside in spacious houses surrounded by gardens, walkways, and pavements, and Delhi may be in a dominant position here.

Televisions and mobile phones used to be on an inexorable growing trajectory. Everyone in our household, from our domestic help to our driver, now has a large television and a functional cellphone. As a result, if history repeats itself, Segway might become the next technological craze. It would make a massive difference if everyone had access to a Segway. The domestic help would be able to move about, which would cut down on the time it took to do the work. Above all, it will boost their productivity, lower their resentment, and make our lives much simpler.

Since 2012, a domestic housekeeper in Spain has been paid the same as a regular employee. Householders are allowed to deduct up to 30% of their agreed-upon pay from their income for housing or upkeep. The maximum workweek is 40 hours, with a statutory minimum rest period of 12 hours between workdays. That’s what you call a legalised balanced life, and I’m willing to guess that half of them own a Segway. Why drive? If you have the option of commuting more quickly through off-road roads!


If only India could inspire that kind of work respect! Then, in no time, economic equality and production quality will follow. Who knows, maybe in 25 years, India will have changed, and our domestic staff will be riding Segways to visit us. With that thought, I drank the last of my coffee and closed the ever-active journal in my head. Until the next stopover, of course!

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