• India's offshore Casino

    List of India’s Best Offshore Casinos

    Despite there being different types of casinos across India, most people are inclined towards 10cric online casino. However, most of the gambling and casino lovers don’t want to quit visiting land-based casinos. Do you know that which is the best type of land-based casino? If you […]

  • Lays Smile

    Smile Deke Dekho: The New LAYS Smile

    I was thrilled when Edelman India, Lay’s Digital agency contacted me in August to be a part of their new “Smile Deke Dekho,” influencer campaign. Over the next few weeks, the brand agency engaged in multiple photoshoots with the influencers, where they captured a variety […]

  • Kapiva Ayurveda

    Kapiva, a Collage of Authentic Ayurvedic Products

    Ayurveda has been an integral part of India’s medicinal history. Back in the prehistoric times, Dhanvantari, Hindu god of Ayurveda, is known to have incarnated as the king of Varanasi to teach medicine to a group of physicians, including Sushruta. Ever since then, the Sages […]

  • Cambridge Tea Party Lime and Lemongrass

    Cambridge Tea Party, a Gourmet Delight

    Cambridge Tea Party is a gourmet delight for everyone. Whether you prefer, oxidized or non-oxidized tea. Recently, I had the pleasure to sample both. From the non-oxidized tea collection, I tasted Lime and Lemongrass and Orange Peel green tea. While from the oxidized collection, I […]

  • Colombian Brew Cold Dip Coffee

    Try a Cup of Colombian Brew Today

    A cup of well-brewed coffee is essential in the daily lives of many and flavours can be different, as per the kind of beans used. Coffee and where it is grown depends on soil and climate conditions as well as the culture of a region. […]

  • White Tube Strolly Suite

    VIP Bags, When Your Luggage is a Piece of Art

    Travelling 14 European countries, at one go was an absurd idea at first. But, thanks to our travel guides, luggage experts, and gratifying experiences, it all worked out well. Still remember the day, when we first landed at the Madrid Barajas Airport after a long […]

  • Colombian Brew Nutty Hazelnut Coffee

    Colombian Brew Flavoured Coffee

    Coffee dominates my moods which is why it’s all the more important, that I get the right one! Coffee lovers, do you feel me? I think coffee should be available in so many flavours that it covers each one of my moods. The mood when […]

  • Didier and Frank Dark Chocolate

    Didier and Frank Dark Chocolates in Six Flavours

    Whoever said, “Never underestimate the power of Dark Chocolate, said it right! Not only, is it one of the healthiest cocoa products (loaded with antioxidants) but also, a comforting aid for heart health. Besides, who wouldn’t want a piece of an artisanal made, vegan chocolate […]

  • Neuherbs Green Coffee

    Neuherbs Organic Weight Loss Green Coffee

    Neuherbs is a premium brand that focuses on helping people look and feel good. To facilitate the same, they have introduced an extensive range of health & wellness supplements, as well as, services. One of such products I recently tried is their Green Coffee Beans […]