• Tuvalu

    10 Best Things To Do in Tuvalu

    If you have been planning to take a vacation to one of the most beautiful, smallest and remote nations in the world, then Tuvalu is where you must head next. This pristine corner of the pacific has a lot to offer including a serene environment […]

  • Viking Ship Museum

    Inside The Legendary Viking Ship Museum

    Northern Europe is a roller coaster ride with many tight turns and steep slopes. In a dramatically shifting manner, you visit history in different shades, and no, not everything is grey! One prismatic episode is that of Vikings; the 8th-century Norse humans who travelled towards […]

  • Bergen Trolls

    Exploring Bergen – The City of Culture

    Bergen has been crowned, as one of the most cultural cities of Europe. For the city’s ethnic imperialism prevails and dominates its other practices. From, being one of the earliest trading ports to offering Norway it’s 1st National Theatre; Bergen has given a lot to […]

  • With Navy officers in Bergen

    Struck By Luck – Bergen

    Some trips are bound to transform our lives. They open doors to a new culture, new people, and even hatch a chance to experience what we have never experienced before. I don’t know if its sheer curiosity that leads us down new paths or if […]

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

    Ceylon Cinnamon, The True Immunity Warrior

    Cinnamon is the most ancient known spice to mankind. In fact, back in the Egyptian era cinnamon was a rare spice fit for kings. From being used as an anointing oil to an embalming blend to succour mummification, cinnamon had several purposes. As time passed […]

  • Early Morning Kailash Parbat

    The Greatest Secrets of Mount Kailash Parbat

    It’s a peak of grace enveloped by the magnificent Kailash Range. It’s a sacred summit; a source to the four longest Asian rivers, a reservoir providing for Sutlej, Indus, Karnali and the great Brahmaputra. It’s none other than the legendary “Mount Kailash,” a mountain stowing […]

  • Absolut Ice Bar

    Stockholm Absolut Ice Bar On The Rocks

    I’ll have a whisky on the rocks is my usual prepositional phrase when I walk into a bar. However, Stockholm Absolut Ice Bar was my first time with ‘everything’ on the rocks, including seating accommodation. Rarely do I drink my scotch without ice, however, on […]

  • Bhopal Old City

    Madhya Pradesh, The Beating Heart of Incredible India

    Have you watched Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s TVC titled, “Dil ho Bacchhe Sa?” This Ad swirling between wildlife sanctuaries and sterling Kanheri Sarees sums up MP so well with its toy story. Madhya Pradesh is the heart of incredible India and it beats with historic treasure […]