• Christopher Columbus Statue

    Visiting The Royal Kingdom of Spain

    Tempestuous and loyal to a good lifestyle, the Royal Kingdom of Spain is an epic realm where you will find vibrancy and diversity come to life each day. It’s a land of soul-stirring landscapes, timeless […]

  • Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen1

    A Day Trip To Tivoli Gardens

    In 2016, mid-August, I took my first day trip to Tivoli Gardens, the Danish Disneyland and also, the 2nd-oldest amusement park of the world. At 11 in the morning, it was drizzling. I being an […]

  • Vasa Museum Recovered Coins

    Salvaged Artefacts at Vasa Ship Museum

    The mightiest 16th-century Vasa was beyond a Royal carriage. It was a warship meant to create historic glory. Something I figured, only after, the fascinating exploration tour I took at this Swedish Ship Museum. The […]

  • Belgium2

    Belgium Best Things To Do

    Belgium is a dreamy European country. Although my personal judgement of Belgium is only, based on a short trip, I took to its capital city, Brussels, in July 2016. Cobblestone covered slim streets, a series […]

  • Germany

    Travelling To Germany For The First Time

    From Captain America to Issy and Ossi, several Hollywood blockbusters have contributed to casting a pre-illustration of ‘Germany’ in my mind. One such aerial vision of orange-tinted houses nestled amid narrow canals came almost about […]

  • Brindavan Gardens Mysore

    Take a Trip to Brindavan Gardens in Mysuru

    A trip to Mysuru is incomplete until you have visited its pristine terraced Brindavan Gardens. A mesmerising site located nearly twelve kilometres from Mysore. This colourful garden of Mysore is not only, celebrated for its […]

  • Vaduz Castle

    Liechtenstein Best Things to Do

    Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are European neighbours that boast some of the best breathtaking views of the region. Before entering the territory of Liechtenstein, I spent much quality time at Swarovski Crystal World Museum in […]

  • Sistine Chapel Frescoes

    Italy Best Places To Visit

    To visit Italy, the epicentre of the Roman empire; is like walking into an era of Renaissance where the world’s most-renowned art compositions and architecture were designed. Italy echoes the epoch of Michelangelo’s David, Da […]

  • Indian Railways

    Train Trips To Turn Costly in India

    In the prospect of the massive traffic rush seen in many Special Trains, Indian Railways has elected 20 sets of clone trains to run on select routes starting from 21st September. As per the recent […]

  • Leh Airport

    Leh Upgrading Its Airport

    Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is one of India’s most captivating, as flying into it offers moving displays of the great Himalayas. Placed 10,682 feet above sea level, this charming airport makes the most preferred option […]

  • Colosseum Rome

    Colosseum, Rome’s Amphitheatre of Death

    Walking from the Arch of Constantine to the Colosseum, on Piazza del Colosseo street is like stravaiging right inside the movie, Gladiator. Such is the first feel of Colosseum, Rome’s Amphitheatre of Death. Although you […]

  • Kerala

    Kerala to Open Tourism in October

    Kerala, one of the most-visited tourist destinations of India plans on re-opening in October 2020. God’s Own Country has been closed for tourism since the coronavirus outbreak, spanning stringent nationwide lockdown. The Minister of Tourism […]