Waghai Botanical Gardens

Waghai Botanical Garden Dang: Peek Into Gujarat’s Bio Diversity

The wake of the pandemic has put into perspective what most people around the world have ignored for a while: the need for climate control […]

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Fortune Landmark Ahmedabad

Fortune Landmark Ahmedabad: Executive Suite

Located at Ashram road in Ahmedabad, Fortune Landmark is an upscale, modern business hotel that in a way that fits well with a travellers needs, […]

Marriott Chef Anuj Singh

Best Chefs of Madhya Pradesh: Reviving Authentic Flavours

Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, has solidly marked its place on the culinary heritage map of the nation. Drawing inspiration from its antiquated traditions […]

Soto Ayam Bali

What is Soto Ayam?

The Designera Scentorial Art

Scentorial Art: Candles By The Designera

In recent times, a perfume is so much more than what it actually smells like! With different ways to appreciate fragrance, the vistas are perpetually […]

The Voyage of a Lover's Dream on Getting Dream

Voyage of a Lovers Dream: A Magical Performance In Zodiac Theatre

My sea vacay with Genting Dream was a fresh breath of adventurous escapades. More so, because sailing Asia’s largest-luxury cruise introduced me to some extraordinary […]