Christopher Columbus Statue

Visiting The Royal Kingdom of Spain

Tempestuous and loyal to a good lifestyle, the Royal Kingdom of Spain is an epic realm where you will find vibrancy and diversity come to life each day. It’s a land of soul-stirring landscapes, timeless […]

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Bandarawela Luxury Hotel

Stay at a British Era Luxurious Hotel in Bandarawela

Perched in the 2nd-largest town of the Badulla District is a British era property that goes by the name Bandarawela Hotel. Badulla is situated, in the middle of Colombo and Kandy, the ancient and the […]

Bali Make Your Bowl

Soul in a Bowl – Wellness Bespoke

Bali is celebrated for its food, as local Balinese cuisine traces the munificence of fresh ingredients and flavoursome spices. Whether you choose to relish the food viand, at a roadside cafe (a Warung) or, at […]

Soto Ayam Bali

What is Soto Ayam?

Bangle Bali

Legong Dance and Dinner

Golden Prize Tuna

Golden Prize: Eat Healthy Eat Tuna

Over the last 8 months, I have noticed a lot of people complaining about gaining weight. I too have put on a little weight as I have been working from home, which has pretty much […]

Marvel Iron Man Coffee Maker

Fun Goodies by FUN.COM

Dream Palace Resort

Dream away at the Panoramic Dream Palace, Sea Resort

The all-new, luxury Dream Palace, will beat your imagination. You will keep asking yourself, whether you are in a Resort or on a cruise ship! With amenities now, more than ever, Dream Palace, throws the […]