Fresh Start with Himalaya Oil Clear Face Wash

Being a product reviewer can be a challenging job, as long as, you choose to stretch beyond the sphere of organic products. Which is why, the only, products we test on our skin are those with a bio-natural profile. From our recent testing, here’s a bundle of natural fruit-based face wash, we recommend for daily use. Crafted by Himalaya, a brand famous for curating organic products since 1930, this fruit-infused range of face wash is a must-buy for extreme Indian weather. Over a period, of time, not only, did we drop the acne but also, the uneven skin blemishing. Besides, we are crazy about fruit fragrances, which effortlessly connect us to nature.

Himalaya Fresh Start

So, how did we find the right face wash for our oily skin? Our lifestyle requires us to travel throughout the day, which attracts a lot of day dust. During monsoons, not only, does our skin get sticky, but also, more oily. And so, we decided to get a face wash, which could free our skin from oil and at the same time, smell good. Of course, the product has to be organic, as well! Something that could Mattify our skin without dehydrating it. Following which, we found Himalaya oil-free “fresh start” range inspired by fruit extracts, immensely beneficial for delicate skin.

Himalaya Oil Clear Face Wash

The fruity freshness collection launched by Himalaya is yet, another feather on the brand’s cap. An ideal product to remove excess dirt from your face, without dehydrating it. Each one of the face-wash is available in 50 and 100 ML packs, making it a perfect travel partner. Your favourite fruit speaks about your personality! So, we have laid down the personality types of these specific fruit lovers. See if this helps you in deciding which, fruit-flavoured face wash to buy. 

Himalaya Blue Berry Face Wash

Part of the reason, why people residing in Northern Europe and America have great skin, is because their usual diet contains blueberries. More effective than Green Tea, blueberries, are packed with countless-antioxidants, along with, the nutritious Vitamin E, C, and A. All our international friends who have a blueberry-rich diet, also have, a clear smooth skin. In India, it’s comparatively easier to source blueberries from upscale malls of Mumbai and Delhi, than any other city. Other cities, it’s almost a word we read out of fairytales! In Mumbai, eating blueberries, effectively protected our skin against sun damage and dry weather. We missed that glowing radiance while travelling. And so, at that moment we decided to get products which, essentially-sport a blueberry base.

BlueberryFace Wash

For the face, we decided to try the “Himalaya Fresh Start” Blueberry face wash. Immersed, in the reinvigorating extracts of blueberry and Indian gooseberry, this face wash is your best bet for daily skincare use. Additionally, this all-new “oil-clear” Himalaya Fresh Start Blueberry Face Wash has been formulated, with an exclusive deep-cleansing action of natural beads. Both blueberry and organic beads work together, to rid your skin of any unwanted impurities. Resulting, in an oil-free ‘fresh’ face throughout the day!

Key Ingredients:

Blueberry: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants which enhance skin-conditioning. Indian Gooseberry: Rich in astringent which helps reduce, excessive skin oiliness.

Directions for Use:

The brand recommends you to use this face wash not more than twice a day. Apply the Himalaya Blueberry Face Wash on a moist face and gently massage, to work up a lather. Then, rinse off and pat dry. This face wash is available in both 50ml and 100ml pack.

Priced at INR 140 for a 100 ML pack, the Himalaya Blueberry face wash is one of the best organic products we have used in India. We love that the real blueberry extracts of this face wash, contain powerful antioxidants which shield our skin against harmful free radicals. (Keeping our skin firm and toned!) On top of that, packed with, vitamin E, A, and C, blueberries produce plenty of collagen to keep our skin soft, supple, and hydrated, at all times.

Fresh Start Himalaya Lemon Face Wash

Lemon is our favourite fragrance! Besides, its great skin-conditioning and astringent properties, are famous worldwide for reducing excess facial oil. Infused with, special-formulation of citrusy Lemon burst, Himalaya fresh start oil-clear face wash is a fantastic pick for all seasons. Add to that, deep cleansing action of natural beads which helps wipe off excessive impurities. For an all-day lemon freshness and soft facial skin, Himalaya Lemon Face Wash is one-of-the-best products to consider. In addition, the astringent properties of Indian Gooseberry work great on the skin, by fighting against the free radical tannins.

Himalaya Lemon Face Wash Oil Clear

Why Himalaya? We have plenty of reasons to trust this safe and efficacious brand, producing organic products since 1930. With a clear vision to promote herbal products, Himalaya was found to introduce Ayurveda to society. Today, the brand is blending the benefits of 5,000-year-old ancient medicinal formulas, packaged in a contemporary style. Himalaya is a pioneer in modern science, unceasingly validating Ayurveda’s secrets. Each one of Himalaya products is crafted, with cutting-edge technology to produce pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. Fresh Start fruit-based face wash by Himalaya is, yet, another wellness innovation encouraging us to lead healthier-richer lives.

Lemon Face Wash

Coming back to the Himalaya Lemon Face Wash, our experience with this particular deep cleansing gel has been great. It has the aroma that we enjoy, and it does remove dirt and impurities, while, invigorating facial freshness. As the name goes, the oil-free formula keeps our skin devoid of oiliness all day long. Given, we use the face wash twice a day. The easy-non-greasy gel is easy to apply on moist skin! Just squeeze a little gel in your moist-palms and gently work up a lather. Apply in a circular motion to get the best results. We love that the lemon-ish scent lingers around for sufficient time. So, if you want to flush out unwanted toxins by enhancing your enzyme function, drink a lot of lemon juice and use products with a lemon base.

Himalaya Peach Face Wash

Peaches are delicious and an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, dietary fibres, and flavonoids. Which, is what makes Peaches not just another healthy food, but also, a fantastic skin nourisher. For that reason, one way, to get rid of dry skin is, by making a peach-yoghurt paste and applying it to your face. Another way is to get a Peach based lotion or face wash. In India, Fresh Start Oil Clear Himalaya Peach Face Wash will surprise you with their gentle face wash gel. Infused with a mild fragrance of Peaches, we found this face wash very nourishing. It did not make our skin dry, instead, kept it moisturised. In time, you will also notice a smooth skin texture.


Himalaya Peach Face Wash worked wonders on our oily skin. We think the peach extracts work up, to naturally add a radiance to face. Nonetheless, formulated with the peppy freshness of Peach, Himalaya Oil Clear face wash is a fresh start. Especially, for the deep cleansing action of natural beads which remove excessive impurities. This face wash is our secret to oil-free freshness all day long.

We, totally adore the travel-friendly packaging, which is available in 50ml and 100ml sizes. In fact, the application is even more simple! All we do is, squeeze a little gel on our moist palms and apply it to our face, to work up a lather. Thereafter we rinse off and pat dry. The soothing-fruity fragrance of Peach lingers around for a while, keeping our face refreshed. Face wash gel is almost, transparent with a tint of peach colour. However, allowing us to see the deep cleansing beads which clear our facial skin in seconds. Indeed, a fresh start, with no more oily skin. Also, a great organic face wash to keep our facial skin even-toned, brighter, and most importantly, hydrated.

Active Key ingredients:

Peach: Steeped in skin-conditioning properties, this fruit not only, enhances the appearance of our skin but also, restores its softness. Indian Gooseberry: Rich in astringent properties, the Indian Gooseberry is the active component which fights against skin oiliness.

Himalaya Strawberry Face Wash

Berries essentially are good for health! The strawberries, however, are excellent for our skin, as well. Infused with a dose of antioxidants and vitamin C, eating Strawberries or using products based on its extracts, are likely to brighten and lighten our skin effectively. Additionally, the fruit also offers great-anti ageing benefits. For as long as, we remember we have been using Strawberry face masks to fight oily skin. It’s only recently, were we made to sample the Himalaya Strawberry Face Wash with an oil-clear formula. Turns out to be a perfect alternative to face masks, which leave the skin dry after multiple uses. The face wash by Himalaya instead, uses its acidic qualities to wipe off the excess sebum and nourish and revitalise skin along the way.

Strawberry Himalaya

The all-new “Himalaya Fresh Start Strawberry Face Wash,” is formulated with an oil-clear formula, further enhanced; with the invigorating goodness of Strawberries and Indian Gooseberries. Packed, with natural beads, this fruitilicious face wash uses the deep cleansing action to get rid of excessive impurities. For us, it means oil-free freshness throughout the day, that along with, a fresh, soft, and healthy face.

Key ingredients:

Strawberry: A good source of minerals, vitamin B6, K and E, Strawberries are an essential fruit to enhance the overall appearance of skin. That along with natural conditioning. Indian Gooseberry: A good source of astringent properties which result in reducing excessive skin oiliness.

Directions for use:

To effectively apply the “Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash,” squeeze a little gel on your moist palms and gently work massage in circular motions. Wash off the lather and pat dry.

Priced at INR 140 for a 100ml pack, the Himalaya Strawberry Face was is available in 50ml and 100ml travel size packaging.

We found this face wash great, for our oily skin. The subtle fruity-fragrance lingers around for a few hours, which keeps us feeling fresh. We use this face wash twice a day, and we think we have a perfect organic match for all seasons. Note that all products by Himalaya are natural and safe to use. Every time we used one of these face washes, new refreshing energy rejuvenated our skin. Now, that we have shared our secret formula to staying fresh and oil-clear; grab your favourite fragrance right here, right now!

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