Indore Kitchen Brought in the New Year with a Swag

Indore Kitchen New Year 2018

With cold prevailing winds blowing at 6°C, Indore was freezing as New York or London on the New Year eve of 2018. Except for, it wasn’t snowing! However, with the holiday season in full swing, more and more Indorians were looking for extravagant, exciting and perceptive ways to spend the last day of the year. And so, it wasn’t surprising to see Indore Marriott crowded with elites when we first arrived at the venue.

Indore Kitchen New Year Party

Under outrageous weather conditions, Indore Marriott was gleaming with city’s most-luxurious parties, each hosted at separate-venues inside the hotel premises. One, such splendid venue was Indore Kitchen, hosting the city’s ultimate luxurious New Year’s Eve. Indore Kitchen indeed, brought in the new year with a swag. 

Indore Marriott New Year Party

If your resolution for 2019 is to live more extravagantly, let it begin on December 31st at Indore Kitchen, we told ourselves! It’s one of our most favourite restaurants in Indore that allows excessive indulgence at any given occasion. Consequently so, we had to be here to truly embody the spirit of the festive season.

Indore Marriott Lobby on New Year Eve

On the last day of the year, Marriott lobby was lit up with warm red lights leisurely leading towards the Indore Kitchen. The main event was however hosted at the extended outdoor lawn, seen celebrating New Year’s Eve in style with Live performances, luxurious food stalls, and a bar to shield you against the winter chills.

Chef Vivek Kalia Marriott

From a variety of Indian to continental treats, Indore Marriott offered guests on the fence their choice of culturally rich delicacies to savour. Most importantly, each one of the finger food illustrated organic cuisine with wellness being the first and foremost focus. The delicious flavours, on the other hand, turned out to be an adrenaline-fuelled gastronomic experience for us.

Indore Marriott New Year Party Food

Over 1000 Well-heeled Indorians were spotted clinking glasses and reaching out for the elaborate meals to welcome in 2019! And their journey was marked by the best of best light and laser works, entertainment shows, and a spectacular food display to make this event the most luxurious in Indore. We nibbled on beautiful seafood starters before hitting the dance floor. There’s no way, we could have missed out on those delish rosemary squids, finger-licking prawns, or the succulent dijon mustard fish.

Marriott Dijon Mustard Fish

Packed with party freaks, Indore Mariott was expected to host a super-exclusive New Year party. Which, is why manier guests booked a room in advance to enjoy the perfect view of the midnight fireworks. As expected, Indore Marriott made this celebration a memorable one for all with a big party and even bigger celebrations. As the clock struck twelve, multiple-fireworks lit up the sky, and a life-changing luxurious celebration came to life.

Indore Marriott Fireworks

The night skies were a blaze of colourful lights and phenomenal visual work which was visible from every corner of the venue. Besides, what better place to hug your family to wish them a year of blessings than the Marriott itself? Right! Here check out the celebrations in progress. 

Indore Kitchen NYE 2018

All in all, Indore Marriott GM Devesh Rawat, Anuja Agarwal, Chef Vivek Kalia, Chef Amandeep Singh, Chef Hemant Sharki, Somrup Chanda, Chef Vivek Singh, and Kamlesh Nair put up a great show and if you missed it this year, then make sure to be around for the 2019 Grand Ball. 

Indore Kitchen 2018 NYE

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