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The Titisee is a beautiful lake in the Black Forest of Baden Württemberg, that owes its development to the Feldberg ice-sheet, the moraines of which were shaped in the Pleistocene age and these days frame the shores of the lake. The waters of the Titisee, consequently deplete into the Upper Rhine between Tiengenand Waldshut. While you are here, visit the spa town on the north shore, in the district of Titisee-Neustadt.

Titisee was framed amid the last Ice Age

Then again, 10,000 years prior, an icy mass had reached out from the Feldberg to the present-day lake. The bowls gouged out by the ice sheet and the terminal moraine, now frame the Lake Titisee. This place is an excellent stopover in the Black Forest area!

Stroll around the lake, or sit with an espresso and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the region. I suggest you pick up some amazing ham and pack of fruits before you proceed with your journey. Titisee lake is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest, along with being a popular resort destination, with plenty of outdoor activities. The trail follows the water on the eastern side, while the western side, it takes you to the Hochfirst Mountain. En route, enjoy splendid views of the valley!

Lake Titisee is ideal for swimming, cruising, windsurfing, peddling and for a walk around the waterfront. This delightful lake is one of the best-known attractions operating in a profit Forest. Take a cruise on the lake, go windsurfing or sailing, or just rent a rowing boat for €15 and plan your own day. Then relax in a typical beer garden, encompassed by woodland and low mountains, to unwind in a delightful, natural setting.

Titisee is also famous for it’s incredible Cuckoo Clock factory

Titisee, features the oldest Drubba clock factory in the world. You can tour this workshop, where you will find clocks from the ancient era to present-day creations. The clocks range from €300 to €3000, although you can visit the clock shop for free. The Clock Route is a 320 km circular road that begins and ends in the town of Baden-Württemberg.

Take the road that crosses the magnificent landscapes of the Black Forest and the Medieval Baar county, and that in its unfolding between forests, rivers and castles touches some towns renowned for cuckoo clock manufacturing and the presence of artisans who have created “time marking” works of art.

Try the pork knuckle lunch at the pork knuckle restaurant of Lake Titisee, however, for those who don’t like pork can try chicken or seafood. In addition, sample or buy ice wine, which tastes delicious and costs around €38.

There is a shop next to the restaurant, where you can purchase branded apparels from Swarovski, Long-champ, Pandora and Aigner. Additionally, you can claim a tax refund of 15%.

There are plenty of shops in the vicinity, where you can buy bagels, jam, souvenirs, soft toys, accessories and cherry tea leaves. Ice cream lovers must try the famous move pick ice cream, which will cost you €1. Some of their most refreshing flavours are Strawberry, cherry and blueberry.

Titisee is also a nice area for Hiking

Schluchsee, is an outside arranged area involved by quiet guests. Titisee on the other hand, is dribbling with tourists that you may expect in a Black Forest variety of Myrtle Beach. The boulevards are lined with shops, dressed walkers and auto’s booming music. The pleasant shoreline down on the southern side, gave off an impression of being private. By and large, if you need a more peaceful Black Forest experience, visit Schluchsee instead.

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