Touring Lake Titisee and Drubba Cuckoo Clock Factory

One of the best spots I visited, in Black Forest of Baden Württemberg, is Lake Titisee and Drubba Cuckoo Clock Factory. Lake Titisee gets its expansion from the mass of rocks and sediment carried down and deposited by Feldberg glaciers, cast in the Pleistocene age. The coruscating cyan glacial lake is rimmed, by moraines, forests and a trail of small yellow boats. It is a sight that left me engrossed, percolating the icy kaleidoscopic water visuals in my head. Strolling along these shores leads you to crowd-free calm bays and forest trails.

Lake Titisee

A Decem millennium ago, glaciers of Feldberg tipped over to what we call Titisee Lake today. Titisee is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest, radiating across an 320 acres width and 66 ft depth. It is an outflow of River Gutach at 2,760 ft above sea level, that fuses with Haslach beneath Kappel to form River Wutach. As a consequence, the waters of the Titisee, drain into the Upper Rhine betwixt Tiengenand Waldshut. A Spa Town of the identical name is settled, on the northern shore, as a member of the Titisee Neustadt municipality. The forest trail follows the river on the eastern side, while the western end brings you to the ‘Hochfirst’ Mountain.

The Pork Knuckle restaurant in the vicinity is famous for its lunch menu. For those who don’t eat pork, give chicken or seafood a shot. The Black Forest is a popular resort destination and offers bountiful outdoor pursuits. It is an ideal spot for swimming, cruising, windsurfing, paddling, sailing, rowing or a simple walk around the waterfront. Unwind in a beer garden, encircled by woods and ‘hushed’ mountains. Hiking enthusiasts must tramp to Schluchsee, a quiet outdoor area.

Drubba Cuckoo Clock Factory

The Clock Route is a winding road that originates and concludes in Baden Württemberg. To get to the clock factory, take the road after the Medieval Baar County. Set in the imposing landscapes of unfolding forests, rivers and castles, is the world’s oldest Drubba clock factory; renowned for cuckoo clock manufacturing and artisans who have created time-marking works of art.

I had the pleasure to tour their workshop, where I discerned many ancient as well as modern clocks. You may visit the clock store for free, however, shall you be interested in purchasing any of these clocks, the average price varies between EUR 300 to 3000. Or more, depending on the age of the timepieces.

Lake Titisee Neighbourhood

In the neighbourhood, the village boulevards are laced with small stores, selling bagels, jams, souvenirs, soft toys, accessories and cherry tea leaves. Next to the restaurants, is also a group of designer stores where you can purchase branded apparels from Swarovski, Long-champ, Pandora and Aigner.

If you love ice cream, then you can’t miss Mövenpick’s local flavours that cost EUR 1 for a scoop. (My personal favourites being strawberry, cherry and blueberry) While here, also sample and buy ice wine, that costs around €38 for a bottle. Grab some delicious ham and an assortment of fruits for the onward journey.

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