Segway – Time to prioritise Technology

Time to prioritize Technology, Segway Myths Debunked

Early morning, sipping my energy drink Le-espresso, a powerful dose of caffeine while my mind is constantly racing between the world issues, intergalactic space (the vast empty spaces that sit between galaxies), Earthly Space (the vast empty spaces that sit between humans), advancing technology, and retreating humanity. Europe can give you a taste of the entirety, from the magnificent architecture to bitter memories of World War II.

The New Segway Technology

I had to hold that thought, as a couple approached the coffee shop on their smart self-balancing motor vehicle, commonly known as Segway in western regions. In simple words, it’s a two-wheeled, battery-powered, personal transportation that simply moves you from point A to point B. This adorable couple was soon joined by a bunch of fellow Segway riders, who happened to be on the city tour. I approached the guide, who spoke perfect English with Spanish accent. He informed me that the Hoverboard scooters and Segway’s are illegal to ride in public due to Segway rules, these popular ‘self-balancing scooters’ must adhere to certain rules, meaning they cannot be ridden on roads or pavements and have to be either off road or on a private property.

I asked the guide (James) if I could try my hands on this non-hovering scooter for a few minutes. He chuckled, and after a short tutorial, he asked me to be as intuitive as I can get with the balance. The tour group had taken a short halt at the cafe, and while they graciously ordered their coffee, I hopped on this mini scooter to experience the most celebrated transportation invention. For the initial 120 seconds, it was hair-raising frightening, however with the assistance of James, I managed to get the grip and balance just soon enough. Experience 5 minutes on this conveyance, and you will know how the world would end. Well! I mean of course this is that next generation toy, that would replace a lot of physical activity; walking, jogging and anything extracurricular that could keep one fit.

Brooding over benefits and the Future of Segway

I thanked James for the wonderful experience and ordered a refill for my coffee. I was ready to record substantial thoughts in my mind’s journal. Since I am an Indian national, everything upturns with reference to a vision that future India may hold. If only Mumbai had cleaner surroundings, wider roads, no encroachments and off road routes! Delhi could be in a dominating position here, the well-heeled families of high social standings live in large houses, surrounded by gardens, sidewalks, and pavements.

Once upon a time, Televisions and Mobile Phones reigned an unstoppable upward trend. Today, our domestic help to our driver, everyone owns a sizeable TV and a decent mobile phone. Therefore, If history repeats itself, then Segway may become the next gadget obsession. If everyone has access to Segway, it would bring about a colossal change. The domestic help would have access to mobility, which would reduce the task completion time. Above all, it will increase their productivity, reduce their frustration, and would make life much easier for all of us.

Future of India, Bai on a Segway!

A domestic housekeeper in Spain takes away the same salary as a normal employee since 2012. Householders can make deductions from wages, for accommodation or maintenance, although not more than 30% of the agreed wage. The maximum working week is 40 hours, with the statutory minimum length of 12 hours rest between working days. Now that’s what you call a legalized balanced life, and I bet half of them own a Segway.  

Besides why drive? After all, you have the choice, to commute faster on off-road routes! If only India could drive that level of respect for work! Then economic equality and quality of production will follow in no time. Who knows 25 years from now, India might transform and our domestic help may start visiting us on Segways. With that thought, I devoured the last drop of my coffee and closed my brain’s ever active journal. Until of course the next stop over.

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