Swedish Style Mumbai brings its Creative Industries to India

Swedish Style Mumbai
Swedish Style Mumbai Lifestyle Event at Famous Studios

On June 4th and 5th 2019, Consulate General of Sweden hosted the Swedish Style Mumbai event at Famous Studios in Mahalaxmi to introduce Swedish Creative Industries to India. With prime focus centred on promoting gender equality, consciousness, and environmental challenges, including climate change, this lifestyle event had everyone brood over the future of Earth and the living conditions of future generations.

Ulrika Sundberg Swedish Style Mumbai
Ulrika Sundberg (Right) Swedish Style Mumbai

Some of the notable speakers to grace the panel were Ulrika Sundberg, Consulate General Mumbai, Sander Van Der Stroom, GM Daniel Wellington India, Lotta Mårlind, Head of Marketing of Teenage Engineering and Ruth Dola from Sweden Embassy.

Daniel Wellington India

Sander Stroom was representing Daniel Wellington, a Swedish watch company exhibiting hi-end Swedish watches and accessories collection at the 2-day Swedish style lifestyle event. Stroom was previously employed with IKEA and has now been in India for last 2-years, growing the business for Daniel Wellington. He says that he’s overwhelmed by the growing demands of the Indian luxury consumer market.

Ruth Rani Dolla with Veidehi Gite at Swedish Style Mumbai
Ruth Rani Dolla with Veidehi Gite at Swedish Style Mumbai

Lotta Mårlind, on the other hand, spoke about the Feminine Form by highlighting Teenage Engineering. Likewise, Ruth Dola, the India manager in Sweden, drew attention towards raising the awareness of Sweden as an appealing destination in India.

Swedish Style Mumbai Fashion Show

Swedish Style Mumbai Fashion Show 1

On the evening of 4th and 5th June, an ‘impeccable’ collection of Swedish wardrobes were showcased, by the best designers of Sweden. Well, we all know that Swedes are absolutely gorgeous and have a great sense of fashion. However, did you know that it’s the choice of fur, leather, fabric or for that matter, helmets that make them highlight their unique personalities in a crowd? Here, have a look at how the Swedish creative industries stole the show at Swedish Style Mumbai earlier this month by flaunting the latest spring and summer collection.

Airinum Swedish Style Mumbai

Some of the other participating Swedish brands were Volvo, Airinum, Ride Cake, Oriflame, and Pocket Operator. The Airinum Masks are a next-generation health accessory to allow you to breathe fresh air in ‘any’ urban surrounding. These comfortable to wear masks come with a sleek design that can match, or in fact, enhance your everyday outfit.

Ride Cake Swedish Style Mumbai

Ride Cake, on the other hand, is a Swedish brand that produces uncompromising high-performance electric off-road motorbikes with an unbelievable level of precision and detail. CAKE’s ‘mission’ and vision is to merge thrill with responsibility and speed-up expeditions towards a zero-emission society. Each component of Ride Cake is created from scratch, with every little detail elaborated to optimize sustainability and the riding performance.

Oriflame Swedish Style Mumbai

Oriflame, as you all know, is one-of-the-finest Swedish cosmetic brands. Above is the picture of the collection they showcased.

Pocket Operator Swedish Style Mumbai

Lastly, I caught a glimpse of the fascinating Pocket Operator metal series by Teenage Engineering.

Johan Bartoli Swedish Style Mumbai
Johan Bartoli at Swedish Style Mumbai
Neha Desai, Veidehi Gite and Sayanti Banerjee Swedish Style Mumbai
From Left to right: Neha Desai, Veidehi Gite and Sayanti Banerjee

This event was attended by actors, fashionistas and luxury influencers such as Johan Bartoli, Neha Desai and Sayanti Banerjee.

Salmon in Fennel broth and lemon aioli.
Salmon in Fennel Broth and Lemon Aioli.

On both days, the event concluded with a lavish dinner prepared in the guidance of Swedish Chef Marcobaudone. The star dish of the day was the slow-cooked Salmon in Fennel broth and lemon aioli.