Royale Atmos Clean Air in 1750 Shades

Asian Paints Clean Air
Royale Atmos Clean Air

Ever noticed, why some rooms vibe more than others? Or, is walking in and out of the room such a constant thing that we barely stop to think about it? We notice homes just like we stop to smell the roses! For us, the first glimpse of a home tells us everything about the homeowner. Their selection of wall paint and furnishings not only, exhibit their aesthetic taste, but also, their eco-friendly choices. Besides, if we went by the rules of the psychology, then architectural enhancements have a profound effect on our emotional well-being. In Mumbai, the rising skyscrapers and oceanic humidity, rust the houses sooner than they should. The dominant monsoons result in the paint to come off or even produce a pungent ‘unlikeable’ smell. Being wellness conscious, we find those elements to be polluting our altar. So, we decided to switch to an eco-friendly ‘long stay’ paint which could also smell great at the same time.

Royale Atmos Clean Air for Fresh Homes

With an intent to leverage eco walls, we chose Royale Atmos Clean Air to renovate our home. This all-new wall paint by Asian Paints, claims to purify the air with first-of-its-kind activated carbon technology. Which, means not only, do we get an incredible layer of wall paint but also, an eco-friendly environment to heal all our senses. Besides, never before had we heard of wall paints with subtle floral fragrances! All other times, our rooms smelled of chemicals for a while.

Royale Atmos Clean Air Beautiful Homes

Now when we return from all in a busy day, we seamlessly sink into the comforts of our fresh smelling rooms. We think Royale Atmos is also great because it neutralizes the indoor pollutants such as household pesticides, tobacco smoke, gases, dust, and pollen. For technicality, Royale Atmos features green assure Teflon surface protector. So now, you can get a sheen or a matte finish with an in-built guard. We haven’t used much room fresheners ever since we got our home re-painted. Which means whatever technology Asian Paints is implying is, working. If you are looking to make your home beautiful by adding a sprinkle of eco-touch then, let Royale Atmos Clean Air be your next buy. This paint will dramatically change the look of your home with a selection of 1750 shades on display. Except, each color brings with it, a sweet lingering fragrance.

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