Dim Sum Wu Mumbai Touched My Heart

Don’t you think just the very name ‘Dim Sum Wu,’ evokes a sweet-savoury zing in your mouth as you utter those words? Or maybe, it’s my love for authentic Asian cuisine that my mouth begins to water just by the sound of it. Well, I have to say, Dim Sum Wu, an oriental restaurant in Goregaon East, lived up to my expectations by giving me an authentic taste of simple, yet potent Asian flavours. On this particular afternoon, I wrapped up my brunch with Crystal Chicken with Water Chestnut Dim Sums and a gratifying Prawns Tom Yum Soup. Let me start by telling you something about Dim Sum, a word that ‘literally’ translates to “touching heart”, a Cantonese expression indicating small meals accompanying tea. A concept that evolved in the 10th-century when commercial travellers coterminously began to frequent teahouses for small meals with tea.

Crystal Chicken with Water Chestnut Dim Sums

Thus the universally accepted meaning of Dim Sum is a wide range of small dishes relished for breakfast and lunch. As for the Dim Sum Wu restaurant in Mumbai, their packaging implies everything oriental and beautiful. Apart from being attractive, the box packaging also manages to keep the food fresh and warm. (Love the variety of Asian sauces they sent along!) The Crystal Chicken with Water Chestnut Dim Sums were a transparent wrap, and I could easily spot the chestnut encased within its delicate folds. With every bite, you will taste both the succulent chicken chunks as well as the crunchy chestnuts. Each Dim Sum was a work of craft, and it barely took me any time to finish eating six of those.

Tom Yum Prawns Soup

Next up was, the spicy Tom Yum Soup, that won my interest firsthand by its lingering aromatic fragrances of lemon, herbs and chillies. This spicy prawn soup is a rich and thick blend of tomato puree, lemon, chillies and oriental herbs and spices. The quantity is great too! One Tom Yum soup comes with a generous portion of prawns and exotic vegetables to satisfy any appetite. By and by, Dim Sum Wu Mumbai touched my heart, with its unrivalled quality, creativity and flavourful recipes. Will unfold more of their menu items shortly.

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