Taj Santacruz, a Bijou crafted with Finesse

Taj Hotels in India symbolise universal luxury in a nutshell! Extending the roots of its principle foundation of offering utmost comfort at large, THG has launched yet, another stunning property in Mumbai. Sprawling across 1.75 acres of land, Taj Santacruz has taken its engineering design a notch higher by introducing take-off and landing views from the domestic airport-runway. As it is, we were floored by the remarkable exteriors when we first arrived at the property. Renaissance Architecture marks the grandness of Taj Hotels but, Taj Santacruz stands out with its intricate wall designs in off-white.

Dazzle and Day Dream at Taj Santacruz

That, followed by Jeffrey Wilkes’ and Hafeez Contractor’ ingenious interior designing. If elemental luxury is your way of lifestyle then, let Taj Santacruz welcome you into the world of luxe decor and amenities. What, we loved about the interiors was the perfect blend of contemporary with a hint of a bygone Victorian era. The lavishness on the inside evokes the same emotion, as, the one you get while visiting the Taj Mahal Palace, near Victoria Terminus. Taj Santacruz left us smashed at the first look! 

The beauty of this phenomenal design, draws its unconventional strength, from its 3500 hand-blown glass rods. Mumbai is a classified city of great architecture, mostly inspired by the Brits. At Taj Santacruz, we experienced both, Britain as well as, Incredible India. Even though, it’s the luxe chandeliers, paired with a ‘galaxy of stars’ lighting concept, is what made Taj Santacruz stand out for us.

The Untold Chandelier Story of Taj Santacruz 

The centrepiece chandelier, Lira, draws its phenomenal-design from 3500 hand-blown glass rods, brought to life by the famous Italian architect Dino Antonello. To our fancy, we also figured that the Chandelier next, to the reception, is designed by Roberto Cavalli. We dug a little further and established that; the chandeliers inside the private dining room, business centre, and banquet area are all by Italian Iris Crystal.

But, none of that matters, when you first walk inside Tiqri. This all-day Diner by Taj Santacruz features a mesmerising Tree of Life interlaced with authentic, Tiqri art. We learnt, interior designers Lasvit and Spectrum were the ones to craft the splendour of Tiqri and Taj Club Lounge. 

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Tiqri in the evening

Stay tuned to find out about our weekend stay experience at Taj Santacruz. 

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