Nothing like a Sunday Brunch at Tiqri

Tiqri in day light

Brunching is our favourite weekend activity! More so, when we get that exclusive chance to devour creative variations of classic dishes. In Mumbai, Tiqri seamlessly revives all our travel experiences, and we love going back to this ‘dining lounge’ for more. At first glimpse, Tiqri is a grand restaurant, steeped in the subtle shades of a lost Rajasthani art form. With a 60 ft tall and a 40 ft wide, Tree of Life, imbued in 4,000 pieces of broken glass; Tiqri takes the dining culture a notch higher by dropping in traditional beats. But, do not let the interiors bewilder you just as yet, for the Kitchen dishes out a melting pot of international flavours.

Best Table at Tiqri

Besides, showcasing a wide array of Indian and continental dishes, Tiqri, allows more time for conversations under natural sunlight. (or a starry night, depending on what time of the day, you choose to visit) Which, is what makes the experience wholesome, along with an ‘encomium’ of signature Taj cocktails. Tiqri’s elegant Sunday brunch is anything but rushed! And so, we decided to catch up with our journalist friend Sujata, who visits Taj more than any of us. Shortly, we were escorted to our table, basking under natural sunlight with lovely starburst chandeliers, building on an absolving aura.

Tiqri in the evening

If you happen to swing by in the evening, you will find these chandeliers dancing in the shades of blue and green. For us, it was daytime illumination, served with little magic on the plate. The accent lighting, however, highlights the Tiqri art form, adding a dramatical effect to space. Wherein, the sequel rises above to an incessantly open ceiling, exhibiting every ounce of the Taj elegance. 

Gastronomy Parade at Tiqri 

Tiqri Signature Strawberry Cocktail

As for the brunch, our gastronomy parade began with multiple rounds of signature Taj Santacruz Strawberry cocktails. (Followed by, a variety of Indian and western appetisers) All we can tell you is, that with every bite we took, we sank deeper into the comforts of the orange leather club recliners.

Krazybutterfly at Tiqri

But, every time we looked above the plate, we found the Sun playing tick-tock on the Tiqri art wall. Casting phenomenal reflections over the extensive “Tree of Life,” the Sun gradually moved over to the ceiling. Right about then, the inescapable aroma outspread in the open courtyard, inviting us to unlatch the deliciousness, captivated behind those steaming-hot bronze cloches. 

Chicken Sukka Tiqri

On the whole, our lavish Sunday Brunch was nothing short of a culinary retreat. They even brought us a few dishes from their on-going Maharashtrian festival, which added a twist of flavours, to our European picks. From succulent Kothimbir Vadi (Coriander Fritters) to coconut-y chicken Sukka, Taj’s Maharashtrian food fest was far too flavourful.

Crispy Kothimbir Vadi Tiqri

From the Asian speciality menu, we tasted the stir-fry King Prawns, Dumplings, and Mushroom Bowl dipped in authentic Chinese flavours. However, our favourite of the day was the soft and juicy, yoghurt battered Chicken Tandoori Lollipop slathered, in mild Indian spices.

Chicken Tandoori Lollipop

And of course, the Mushroom Pate stuffed with Cheever Mousse and Crunchy Nuts. Even though, the Roasted Pumpkin, Ham, berry yoghurt, Confit Lamb, and Chicken terrine took the cake away in the salad section.

Mushroom Pate at Tiqri

Exotic Salads Tiqri

Culinary Showstoppers of Tiqri

The real showstoppers, however, were the mains, such as the mustard Bengali Fish Curry, Wok tossed seafood, Cranberry rubbed drumsticks, and Raan-E-Shaandaar. For desserts, we didn’t know what to skip! We wanted a slice of, each of those aesthetically gorgeous Swiss rolls, macarons, cupcakes, and mousses. And we did eventually!

Swiss Rolls Tiqri

All in all, we owe our sweet tasting experience to Deepika Sinha, Head PR of Taj Santacruz who turned out to be a fantastic host. A brief conversation with her is all you need, to fall in love with Taj Santacruz. Let alone, the outstanding hospitality! 

Espresso Tiqri

If time was not a constraint and we didn’t have to fly to another city; we would have liked spending more time at Tiqri. On this Sunday, we rounded up our conversational brunch by downing a double shot of espresso. (and of course, praising the exquisite interiors of Tiqri) Something that stays in your head, longer than you think it will. Although, on our next visit, we’d love to prospect Rivea and China Inc, which bring yet another set of culinary skills on the table. 

Sunday Brunch at Tiqri (Non-Alcoholic @ Rs. 2949, With Brute Champagne @ Rs. 4452, With Sparkling Rose Wine @ Rs. 4780) 

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  2. Tiqri is totally Triple treat with that Magnificent Tree of Life mural , Visual Treat for eyes with spectacular spread of majestic buffet and the most cheerful Staff .

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