Rotterdam, the Quieter Version of Amsterdam

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Rotterdam is a legitimate display of present day, postmodern and contemporary development. In fact, this city is one of Europe’s most invigorating urban areas at the present time. At every corner, you will notice modern engineering, enlivened activities, city canals, expansion of workmanship, and a surge of dining, drinking, and nightlife settings.

Not to mention, this striking city was once demolished by WWII planes. Regardless, the city travels alongside a quiet soul and is a city worth making a stop for. While visiting this city, expect to come across various multi ethnic groups, rich historical centres, Europe’s busiest port, ruled boulevards, persuasive plan studios and hip bars and eateries.

3 Best Things to do in Rotterdam

Explore the Contemporary Fete of Art and Design

Rotterdam features modern displays to one of the most seasoned historical centres in the Netherlands. This city has a wonderful collection of art which is not quite limited to exhibition halls and galleries. When you stroll around the streets of Rotterdam, you’ll discover outdoor models and street art installations all through the city.

In addition, you must visit Museum Van Boijmans Beuningen, that flaunts works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Mondrian, Magritte and Dalí. These artworks portray phenomenal Surrealism, preceding one of the biggest collections outside France and Spain. While you are here, you must also consider visiting some of the popular casinos of the city. 

Get Absorbed by the Architectural Wonders

Rotterdam offers an interesting contrast to that of old-world Europe with its steadily evolving horizon. After exploring ancient architectural gems and centuries old iconic landmarks, the rakish glass-clad structures of Rotterdam are a pleasant surprise. It’s incredible how Rotterdam rose from ashes after the WWII bombing and converted itself into a trailblazing city with a whirlwind of marvels. Meander around to explore the city’s compositional styles and modernism.

First visit the UNESCO World Heritage Van Nelle, which is a 19th-century industrial architecture and a former coffee, tea and tobacco factory. Thereafter, tour the Overblaak Development which sports toppled and tilted yellow-and-grey cube houses built to resemble a tree. Likewise, explore De Rotterdam, designed to take on a new shape when viewed from different parts of the city.

Enjoy the Flourishing Nightlife and Gastronomy Heaven

Rotterdam’s nightlife is filled with as many contrasting shades as the city offers with its people, architecture, culture and customs. Above all, Rotterdam offers something to compliment each mood! There are plenty of exemplary bars, chic dance clubs and extraordinary dining options throughout the city.

Some of the must-visit pubs, cafes and restaurants in Rotterdam are Zanzibar beach club, Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub, White Monkey, pop-up drinking spot called BAR, Toffler, Hopper coffee, Café LaBru, Nine Bar Espresso, Rotown, Bazar, Market Hall, De Jong, FG Food Labs and Zeezout.

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    1. Likewise, Indrani 🙂 I want to do an exclusive Amsterdam-Rotterdam trip to cover its magnanimous museums, art galleries and unexplored architecture up and close 🙂

  1. I visited Rotterdam a good decade ago and your post brought back some lovely memories. The city was rebuilt after it was bombed by the Nazis. So beautiful it is today.

    1. Thanks for reading Rachna 🙂 Yes the WWII bombing had almost wiped off this side of The Netherlands…It’s incredible how they pulled it back 🙂 (the bold modern architecture represents that transition)

  2. A lovely port city and imagine I landed there when I boarded a wrong train that did not stop at y destination The Hague as it was a fast one:)

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