India’s First Cat Cafe Studio in Mumbai

Bombay is the mother of innovativeness, which I guarantee is not limited to Bollywood. Mumbai has a large number of eateries that serve it’s 19 million inhabitants without stopping for even a minute. There’s competition, advancement, incredible administration and great nourishment! Today I am sharing one such one of a kind place in the region of Versova, Andheri. In all actuality, India’s first Cat Cafe Studio opened its ways to everybody in January 2017. The Studio is conferred to offer an upbeat place to everybody, to either invest quality energy with felines or embrace them. Rescue, Adopt, Love, the most prominent mission of all circumstances, regardless of whether creatures or people.

Adopt – Rescue – Love at Cat Cafe Studio

Cat Cafe Studio, was begun by 2 brilliant women who watched over environment somewhat more than others. They safeguarded felines and pooches over the city, for the most part the ones who endured mischances or physical mishandle. These little furr balls were taken back to the restorative office, and sustained until they recuperated totally. Though today, they are the most beneficial children you will go over, and get the chance to spoil for a couple of hours also. Albeit many cat lovers adopt them and end up being their perpetual guardians.

You can undoubtedly burn through 4-5 hours in the bistro, in spite of the fact that you are relied upon to take after the feline standards. Toward the day’s end, we as people need to understand that creatures are not toys. They are a person, and they have their individual emotions. Cat Cafe Studio encourages us to figure out how to regard those sentiments. Hats off to the proprietors, and the completely superb team I met.

All I Need is Love and a Few Cats..Purr

Here’s how it works! The Cat Cafe Studio is split in 3 parts. The Ground floor sports the Cafe and the secluded Cat Area and the Upper floor is home to 8 amazing dogs and the Studio. (The cats and dogs love each other here, and you get Free Wi-Fi from them)

You are not allowed to carry food and drinks inside the Cat area. (Laptops, mobiles and love are most welcome) To begin with, you are provided with the rules chart. Thereafter, you use the disinfector and enter the Cat studio. This tranquil arena is a pool of cat love! In fact, the cats have plenty of toys, however if they find you nice they will pay you plenty of attention. Most of all, the cats choose not to disturb you if they find you working on your laptop. Moreover, they would just sleep next to you, so that you know someone’s out there for you. 

The love you find here is indescribable, and yet each one of you reading this post must experience it at any given opportunity. When you are done pampering cats, you can pamper yourself with a nice coffee and sandwich in the outer zone. (or get yourself some cool cat merchandise) I got myself this super cool tee “Crazy Cat Ladki”, which made this Krazy Butterfly really very happy.

Cats Never Strike a Pose (that isn’t Photogenic)

They say cats were worshipped by the ancients, and they haven’t forgotten that as yet. Whether abandoned or rescued, something about their personality is very royal. They don’t even have to strike a pose, I mean it just happens very naturally right? I’m sure Cat owners will understand what I am trying to say.

What I love about the spirit of Mumbai is that you can be alone in this city, yet never lonely. The Cat Cafe Studio is yet another place that brings alive that spirit by sparing paw love to compassionate people. Not to mention, they also have great coffee and appetisers! Besides, I think this is a wonderful place for people fighting depression. The amount of unconditional love you find here is beyond words, so if you have friends who are sad, make sure to get them here. Others could simply visit to seek and give love, or with kids to celebrate a lovely day out.

PS: The Cat Cafe Studio is a private organisation, run and funded by ‘Zcyphher’, an Independent creative agency. Check out the Adoption Stories

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