Geilo, The Luxurious Ski Village in Norway

Do you know, that 1222 Finse was home base for filming the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back? You will have to take a halt at this small station town before you continue to Geilo or Oslo. As starved as I was, the aroma of Norwegian cuisine lured me inside the snug station cafe. The only crowded place in the whole of Scandinavia! When in Europe, finish every meal with a cup of espresso! Therefore, I got myself the last hot dog on the shelf, and an ever-refreshing espresso to keep my tummy warm. 

After a short wait, I boarded my train to Geilo and Enroute crossed innumerable glorious snowscapes. A fairy tale sight, and a real ride into the locations of some marvellous Hollywood blockbusters.

Geilo, a Luxurious Ski Village

It is one of the best-known skiing areas in Scandinavia, with Oslo and Bergen on each side. It is also popular for hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, glacier walk and more. Come to this place if you are seeking a luxurious and expensive holiday cabin experience in Norway. Geilo has a lot to offer, other than just the snow. To begin with, this Ski Village has 3 stunning lakes, namely Slåttahølen, Vestlefjorden, and Ustedalsfjorden. The village is located in the municipality of Hol in Norway, in the valley of Hallingdal with around 2,300 inhabitants.

The Bergen Line facilitated Geilo’s development as the first skiing resort in the country. It is still one of the largest! Although It’s a small town at the foot of Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda national parks, it’s clearly more famous for its mountain Ski Resorts in Buskerud.

Skiing, The Preferred Lifestyle of Geilo

Everyone ski’s here, from a child to an adult!  At an elevation of 2605 Ft, the ski season does not end here until early may. I arrived in August when Geilo shines for its hiking and biking opportunities. The advantage of visiting in summer was that I got to experience downhill biking and fishing.

Having said that, anytime to visit Geilo is the best time! Not only will this quiet town absorb you in its doting vibes, but it will also throw exciting surprises at unexpected times. Also, Geilo offers skiing all the way down to the centre of town. Therefore, there is no need for you to take long routes between the slopes and the village. Furthermore, you can take a stroll and go shopping in the village and try a Norwegian speciality or visit one of the many festivals and events. There’s no end to possibilities here!

Downhill Slopes and Cross Country Trails

Due to Geilo’s high altitude, the winter is stable with lots of snow. The town has numerous small Ski centres that make up one resort and goes by the name Geilo Skiheiser. All the ski hires offer free helmet rental for children, an excellent safety measure initiation. If you are visiting this town, consider staying at Vestlia Resort. It is one of the most famous Ski Resort in Norway, on the doorstep of Geilolia ski centre.

On the other hand, Geilo Skiheiser has 39 slopes and its spread over 33 km accessed by 20 lifts. Skiing options include alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, telemarking, snowboarding, dog sledging, toboggan, ski orienteering, and evening skiing most evenings. You will occasionally see paraglider’s floating down from the top of the slopes during summer. If you stay in a cabin over Christmas, you’ll get your own Christmas tree and a chance to meet Santa. Couldn’t ask for more, right!

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