Staying at the Renaissance Mumbai Powai Lake Suite

Renaissance may resonate with the revival of 14th-century European culture, however, in Mumbai, it echoes with the Marriott Hotel property that sits as the crown jewel in the posh locality of Powai. At the Renaissance Hotel, hospitality isn’t just a word, instead, it’s an ideology. For as long as, I know Renaissance Mumbai has been curating luxurious experiences with arresting designs and finishes. Recently, I was invited by the hotel for a weekend stay. And, oh boy! The Powai Lake Suite where they put me up, was such a gorgeous abode. To sum up this property in one sentence, I’d say, “Renaissance Mumbai is beautifully put together, for you to feel it with child-like simplicity.” Whether it be, the distant view of crocodiles sunbathing in the lake, or the intricate recipes that drive the culinary heritage, each element at Renaissance is bound to fill you with excitement.

Renaissance Hotel & Convention Centre

As for my experience, I was overindulged with pamperings right from the moment I checked in, to the time, I checked out. My check-in was prompt. Not only, did the reception staff greet me politely, but also, walked me up to the elevator. In between, they asked me about my travel and food journey as a blogger which totally exhilarated me with joy. The walk through the splendid passageway is quite something. On both sides, the gallery is decorated with artistic interiors – something you want to stop and admire for long. As soon as, I walked inside the elevator, the staff member pressed the button to the 34th-floor, after which the door closed before me in the slow motion.

Renaissance Mumbai Hotel Lobby

Renaissance Mumbai Duplex Suite

The “Powai Lake Suite,” on the 34th-floor pulls out all the swanky stops. It spans across two plush rooms adorned with high ceilings, full-length windows, a formal dining area, contemporary chandeliers and excellent hospitality to cater to your whims. The lower-floor with separate washroom features ample seating to accommodate up to 6 guests. Whether you are planning a business meeting or a family outing, this suite makes a fantastic staycation.

Renaissance Powai Lake Suite Master Bedroom

Renaissance Mumbai Suite Washroom
Veidehi Gite at Powai Lake Suite

The upper floor, on the other hand, showcases an elegant master bedroom with an open bath. In fact, the stunning design of this room is also accompanied by ravishing lake views. Along with, a partial glimpse of the outdoor pool. Merely watching people take a summer dip from my Suite, lured me into taking a swim and chilling by the poolside. Considering the natural surroundings, this is one of the most relaxing activities at the hotel. From reading a book under a palm tree to sipping a summer cocktail by the poolside, Renaissance’s poolside promotes the state of being free from any anxiety.

Renaissance Mumbai Outdoor Pool

What makes this Powai Lake Suite even more remarkable is the relaxing atmosphere it offers. Apart from being enveloped in plush furnishings and polished amenities, the suite also offers unmatched lake views. Something which no other hotel offers in Mumbai. No matter how jaded you feel after a business meeting, the tranquillity of the Powai lake is bound to calm you down in no time. Considering all these factors, I think the Powai Lake Suite is a bargain for $350 per night. The “motorised curtain glider,” opens to a qualitative nature setting. While allowing you to restrict yourself from the intensity of sunshine. Curtains glide effortlessly – Open and close as per your mood.

Powai Lake Suite Views

While I was indoors, I used the executive work-desk to wrap up the pending work. As the desk is equipped with all essential facilities including notepad, pens and even a Tea and a coffee maker, I had to barely move around. This allowed for a distraction-free mode, and I got my work done much faster than I usually would. Other amenities on the ground level include a large HDTV, ample seating, a safe, a lavish dining table and an adorable minibar. The walk-in-closet is on the first floor though. Despite all the indoor facilities, I could not constrain myself to the Lake View Suite. Renaissance is such a grand hotel that you feel you are not doing it justice unless you dine at its restaurants or take a rejuvenation session at the in-house Quan Spa.

Emperor's Court Mumbai

As for the restaurants, I had a fab time dining at the Emperor’s Court, the Oriental speciality restaurant, as well as, Nawab Saheb, the Indian speciality restaurant. In the evenings, however, I would take my work down to the Mumbai Express Deli. Where I would secure myself an outdoor Lakeview spot and munch on colourful fruity macaroons for hours. That along, with my favourite hazelnut cappuccino. Quan Spa was the ultimate show stopper though.

Renaissance Quan Spa Hot Stone Massage
Veidehi Gite at Quan Spa

After a hectic workday, I signed up for a 60-minute aromatherapy session at the Quan Spa. Which, I later combined with the hot stone massage. By the end of the massage, my tense muscles were so relaxed that I could barely feel my body. Not only, did my therapist apply the right pressure to the damaged soft tissues, but also, massaged my back with hot stones. The hot stones worked like a miracle and turned out to be the ultimate stress buster. The Spa shuts down by 9 PM though, so make sure to book your appointment accordingly.

Renaissance Mumbai in-room breakfast

After a scrumptious dinner at Nawab Saheb, I got back to my suite late in the night. At this time, a waning moon was lounging over the night sky, casting a mesmerizing reflection on the waters beneath. I drooled over the poetic views before slipping down in deep sleep. Next morning, I was woken up by a lavish in-room breakfast buffet. I drew apart the curtains and here I was, soaking sunshine while relishing Nutella pancakes, Dutch cream waffles, eggs of choice and a double shot of espresso with a glass of orange juice. Alternatively, you can also enjoy a complimentary buffet breakfast at the Executive lounge on the 36th-floor. By noon, it was time to check-out. However, the memories of this stylish, spacious private retreat will stay with me for a lifetime. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a solo traveller or a family seeking a leisure holiday, there is no better getaway than Renaissance Hotels in Mumbai. This property redefines impeccable hospitality and perfect service! Even though I was invited by the property, the views I have expressed are solely mine.  

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