Quan Spa: Get Hot Stone Therapy in Mumbai

Mumbai thrives with chronic fatigue syndrome, so I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to recharge. During my recent stay with Renaissance Mumbai, I was delighted to be introduced, to their in-house wellness centre “Quan Spa,” which offers a choice of calming aromatherapies, scrubs, and body wraps, as well as intriguing Ayurvedic treatments. The name Quan Spa comes from a Chinese phrase that means ‘Spring,’ which is exactly, what this Spa promotes – traditional therapeutic methodologies.

Quan Spa Mumbai

So, to relieve my fatigue in the most ancient way possible, I scheduled a 60-minute aromatherapy session, afterwards paired with a Hot Stone massage at my request. Quan Spa is a world-renowned haven of outstanding service and engaging experiences. Something you’ll notice the moment you walk into their spacious and pleasant lounge, which is surrounded by distinctive tranquilly. It took me less than ten minutes to complete the pre-spa questionnaire, which seeks information about our lifestyle and assists the therapist in selecting the appropriate creams, oils, and massage techniques.

Quan Spa lobby

Quan Spa at Renaissance Mumbai will help you regain balance while harmonising energies, regardless of the service you choose. Furthermore, the skilled therapists use the East and West’s expertly integrated “wellness concepts” to help you experience maximum Nirvana. My customised massage at Quan Spa unfolded into a wonderful relaxing session with individualised care. To begin, I was taken to a locker room, given a robe and a separate locker to temporarily, keep my possessions.

Quan Spa Locker Room

I was required to wait in a fountain-facing lounge after conducting the robe-changing procedure, although only for a brief time. Then came the ‘elation’ of finally being able to enter the room where my therapist was working to make this Spa experience one to remember. The following sixty minutes believe me, were a sheer luxury! The massage started with me laying down on my stomach, allowing the masseur to work on the sore muscles and knots of my back.

Quan Spa Waiting Lounge

She began by massaging my overtired legs, then moved on to my back and shoulder muscles, removing every ounce of tension from my physical life. In the meantime, she kept asking about the pain threshold. This aromatherapy treatment combined with a 30-minute back and neck “Earth & Ocean Hot Stone massage” offered the best of both worlds. To induce “deeper muscle” relaxation, smooth, water-heated stones were placed along my spine to my neck. My therapist claims that the stones’ direct heat helps her to reach deeper muscle levels. This is how she locates the stress areas and uses the stones to cure them.

Renaissance Quan Spa Hot Stone Massage

Aside from that, aromatherapy and hot stone massage stimulate the neural system, while neuromuscular treatments ease muscle stress. The compelling hot stone massage left me feeling thoroughly rested and refreshed, while the aromatherapy relieved general stress. The medicinal essential oils and volcanic basalt stones performed miracles on my body and psyche. The hot stone massage must be on your must-try list whether you are staying at Renaissance Mumbai, or visiting Quan Spa for a routine session. This therapy not only ‘instantly’ melts away stress, but it also relieves stiffness by enhancing blood circulation and metabolism.

Quan Spa Room

The masseuse gently patted my shoulder near the conclusion of the rolfing to let me know that the hour was finished. Even though I was scheduled, for a steam and sauna session following the Spa, I opted to go back to my room and soak in a long hot tub bath instead. The remaining oil from the massage rinsed away in the shower, but the aroma of the essential oil lingered till the next day. For the next three days, I slept like a baby and felt light as a feather. I can’t wait to return for Shirodhara.

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