• Body Cupid Pink Lotus

    Body Cupid Pink Lotus Bath and Body Luxury

    Body Cupid is a premium brand of luxury bath and body products, inspired by the ‘credence’ that our body deserves equal TLC as our face. At Body cupid, I discovered a wide range of remarkably organic products that ensure I feel truly beautiful from tip […]

  • Bodyshop Japanese Cherry Blossom

    Reviewing Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

    We all want to keep our skin soft, smooth, healthy and glowing. Which, becomes much easier if you introduce the right body lotion in your daily routine. One such lotion to have ‘perked up’ my skin tone is Bodyshop Japanese Cherry Blossom. It’s light, it’s […]

  • Soulfull Smoothix

    New Breakfast Routine with Soulfull Smoothix

    I am happy to be introduced to the all-new Millet Smoothix by Soulfull, a leading Indian food brand. Unlike other smoothies you can make at home, this one comes with the goodness of 12 grains. Which, is 23% of Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Foxtail Millet, Cereals […]

  • get houseplants and protect your lungs

    Indoor DIY Projects, Protecting Your Lungs, and Air Quality

    We may not be aware but, indoor air is sometimes more polluted than the outdoors. From mildew, dust, mold, to furniture paint, indoor air pollutants vary widely with different substances. Which leads to indoor air pollution! Air quality ‘greatly’ affects lung function, and even the […]

  • Vanya Herbal Luxury

    Vanya Herbal Luxury, Our new Skincare Love

    If you ask us what’s driving the current million-dollar organic beauty movement? We’d say, that finally, more and more people have begun to reject chemical-infused products and that their interests are shifting towards organic farming, production, and packaging. These plant-based alternatives have changed the beauty […]

  • Continental Strong Coffee

    Continental Strong 1 KG Coffee with Chicory

    One Kg Coffee may sound heavy on one’s ear but, if we told you why we chose Continental Strong in a large packaging, you might be inclined to buy it yourself. During our ongoing quest to find the best coffee every month, we came across […]

  • Georgia Tea Premix

    Georgia Tea Premix in Masala Flavour

    Established 14 years back, the GEORGIA range of tea and coffee beverages is a leading enterprise by Coca-Cola. Georgia by Coca-Cola is flourishing in the broad space of a plethora of premixes and is a perfect solution for all your home and work needs. Using […]

  • Vanya Anaar Blend

    Vanya Pomegranate Body Oil to Make Winter Skin Glow

    Vanya’s Pomegranate Body Oil is yet another addition to their newly launched Anaar Care range of products. For centuries, Pomegranate oil has been ‘treasured’ as a powerfully rejuvenating product. Not only, does the Pomegranate oil retain skin moisture but also, reduces the visible signs of […]

  • Vanya Anaar Glo face mask

    Flawless Glow with Vanya AnaarGlo Face Mask

    Vanya AnaarGlo Face Mask is an all-new herbal luxury product with the goodness of Pomegranate extract and essential natural oils. They say, pomegranate, the fruit of heaven, is the best of all natural ingredients to get a flawlessly glowing skin. Infused with vitamins, cold-pressed oils, […]

  • Luxura Sciences Mulethi Powder

    3 Best Ways to Use Luxura Sciences Licorice Powder

    Luxura Sciences Licorice Powder is a herbal root extract which facilitates improvised skincare, haircare, Gastrointestinal health, weight-loss, anti-ageing, and stress reducing qualities. Today, we will take you through the five best ways to use Luxura Sciences Licorice Powder which, will help you understand the product […]