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For all of us, the last several days have been quite stressful. Things have been drastically shifting around us! With so much negativity in the air, meditation has unquestionably become a necessity. While there is a surfeit of meditation applications available, how do you know which one to use? To assist you, I’m revealing the APP I’ve been using for the past few weeks to help me stay calm. I’m excited about Black Lotus since it’s more than just meditation software. It blends mindfulness with random acts of kindness to keep you smiling while keeping track of your activities.

Black Lotus

I’ve been keeping my worries at bay, sleeping better, being more productive, and, most importantly, feeling compassionate, thanks to the Black Lotus meditation app. Choose Black Lotus because it is the only meditation app in the world that uses RARE, a proprietary framework, to transcend beyond meditation. RARE is an acronym that stands for Reflect, Act, Reinforce, and Evaluate. Reflect is a little meditation that Black Lotus recommends you do daily.

Black Lotus Veidehi

Random acts of kindness, such as feeding stray dogs or contacting friends and relatives, are examples of ACT. Reinforce allows you to shape your viewpoint by reading a few minutes of inspirational articles. The Evaluate function examines daily introspection and progress to determine the optimum course correction.

You begin to gain RARE points as you use the app regularly, which puts you on a path. In that vein, the Path is a step-by-step process chart that progresses from aspirant to Guru. To reach Guru status, you’ll need 97000 Reflect and Act points, 5250 Reinforce points, and 32,000 Evaluation points. Without a doubt, the Black Lotus app was created based on extensive research and understanding of behavioural science to encourage meditation habits. The 4.8+ app store rating is indisputably REAL, and it speaks volumes about the impact Black Lotus makes in your life after just 21 days of consistent use.

You can do breathing exercises, focus building and mindfulness exercises, musical and expert-guided sessions, stress-busting activities, and even silent meditations with the help of Black Lotus. All you have to do is spend 15 minutes each day following the RARE Framework to the letter! Do you believe you have what it takes to become a Guru? I think this is the perfect time to arrange a challenge with friends, colleagues, and family members who want to stay calm while doing some good karma during quarantine and lockdowns.

Self-transformation starts here, and to help you get started, I’m offering a 2-week free premium membership if you use the code VEIDEHIBL.

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