A Visit to the Glamorous La ‘Plaza De Espana’ in Madrid

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Plaza de Espana is famous as a filming location. In fact, you have already visited this place if you have watched Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, and The Dictator. Undoubtedly, this beautiful ‘Plaza de Espana’ in Madrid is worth a visit. This striking Spain Square is located at the Maria Luisa Park in central Madrid. Moreover the Plaza is a landmark example of the Regionalism Architecture.

Plaza de Espana was built in 1928 for the Ibero American Exposition. Above all, you will notice Renaissance and Moorish Revival style of Spanish architecture here. In general, Spain houses magnificent mosaic designs in all its provinces. Madrid is no different, and you must explore the city on foot to capture its true essence.

Tiled Fountains, Pavilions, Ponds and Mediterranean pines at Plaza de Espana

Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier designed the park gardens, and developed the southern end of the city into grand boulevards. Thereafter you will notice Parque de María Luisa, the Moorish paradisiacal styled architecture in the centre of the Park. The park is also close to the tiled fountains, pavilions, ponds, Mediterranean pines and flower beds with hidden bowers. Architect Aníbal González designed Plaza de Espana using a blend of Mock Mudejar and Neo-Mudéjar styles.

In reality, Plaza de España is a huge half-circle complex with numerous buildings. The myriad bridges represent the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain. Also, the walls are surrounded by tiled alcoves which represent independent provinces of Spain. Of course this is a perfect backdrop for visitors to take selfies/pictures. Nonetheless, the main exhibits are Roman mosaics and artefacts that you must not miss at any cost.

The Miguel de Cervantes Monument

The monument of Miguel de Cervantes is inside the Plaza de Espana in Madrid! Architects Rafael Martínez Zapatero, Pedro Muguruza and sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera designed this Glorious monument. Miguel de Cervantes’s sculpture was built in 1930 and finished in 1957. In 1960, sculptures of ‘Rinconete’, ‘Cortadillo’ and Little Gypsy Girl were added. If you are a literature and monument lover, make it a point to visit the Cervantes monument in Plaza de Espana.

Sculpted in stone, Cervantes sits high in a chair overlooking the bronze sculptures (Don Quixote and Pancho Sanza) of his creations. On each side of the monument is the love of Don Quixote’s life in her two personas which is Aldonza and Dulcinea. Enjoy the serenity of the area, sit on a bench and admire these stunning creations.

Plaza de España is a popular tourist destination located in central Madrid

Today the Plaza de España mainly consists of Government buildings. It is adjacent to 2 of Madrid’s most prominent skyscrapers and features a monument to Miguel de Cervantes. Additionally, the Royal Palace is only a short walk south from the plaza. Do no miss the seats in front of the palace which represent the provinces from A to Z. Each design is unique however they all have a seat and a map of the region. The Plaza de Espana is huge and stunning.

The gigantic structure narrates the amount of work involved in its making. It is 10 minutes walk from the bus station at Prado san Sebastian and 20 minutes from the Cathedral. There is No entry fee for Plaza de España and the prices for rowing and motorboat hire seemed pretty reasonable. Do share your experience if you have already been here.

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