World’s Most Beautiful Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Helsinki is honoured with the correlative environment, synchronised with total miracles of nature! I came to visit Helsinki Olympic Stadium on the grounds that BBC has appraised it as a standout amongst the most wonderful in the world. On the other hand, I couldn’t get inside in light of the fact that it is experiencing a noteworthy update. By all means, the stadium looks marvellous from outside. In reality, the stadium is a tribute to Paavo Nurmi, the best runner of all times. Most tourists take pictures in a running posture with the Paavo Nurmi statue close to the passageway.

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Why is Olympiastadion a Tribute to Paavo Nurmi?

I learned from my guide that Olympiastadion is the biggest stadium of Finland. This facility is fundamentally utilised for facilitating international events! Paavo Nurmi is the King of Runners and the wellspring of national pride for Finland. Nurmi was driven by his passion for running and he won 9 gold-3 silver in Olympic Games, 3 Gold-1 Silver at Antwerp, 5 Gold at Paris and 1 Gold-2 silver in Amsterdam. When you visit this Olympic stadium, do get around the 240 feet tall elevated tower. The tower offers a noteworthy view over Helsinki and is open to all visitors. Equally, important is that the tower took its motivation from the gold-medal win of Matti Jarvinen. The stadium can accommodate 40K spectators and artists like Michael Jackson and Bon-Jovi have performed here.

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The Important Events held at Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium

Olympiastadion is the home stadium of the Finland national football team. In this case, the arena was the official venue for the 1st World Athletics Championships in 1983 and the World Championships in 2005. Furthermore, it hosted the 1971 European Athletics Championships and the European Athletics Championships in 1994 and 2012. 

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