Helsinki Olympic Stadium is Finland’s Largest

Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Helsinki is a picture-perfect destination, enveloped in the beauty of numerous natural miracles. Further, extending its vision into elegant architectural designs. If Helsinki were to flaunt its carefully designed layouts, I think Helsinki Olympic Stadium would be the first to secure recognition. Not only, has this Olympic Stadium been rated as the most beautiful by BBC, but also, has been declared one of Scandinavia’s most visited landmark. Sadly, I could not explore the interiors as the building was under renovation during my visit. However, with what I could make out from the exteriors, I can tell you that the interiors will be just as good.

Helsinki Stadium

From the first look, Helsinki Olympic Stadium appears to be a grand tribute to Paavo Nurmi, the Finnish king of runners. Precisely why, you should begin exploring the premises by first getting a picture with the Paavo Nurmi statue at the entrance.

Helsinki Olympic Stadium is Finland’s Largest Stadium

Paavo Nurmi

Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Olympiastadion in local language) is Finland’s most beautiful and largest stadium. With, of course, a history of hosting numerous International sports as well as, concerts. Although, when you delve deep into the origins of this stadium, is when you will understand the importance of Paavo Nurmi’s contributions. For the man, who single-handedly raised Finland’s national pride in the running category, certainly deserves this honour. Why do they call him the King of runners? Because, Nurmi’s passion, led him to win plenty of Gold and Silver medals for Finland. The prominent standouts were the record-breaking 9 Gold and 3 Silver in the Olympic Games. (Followed by 3 Gold 1 Silver in Antwerp, 5 Gold in Paris and 1 Gold 2 silver in Amsterdam)

Other than that, the 240 feet tall elevated tower of the stadium is its prime highlight. Not an ordinary tower! For this tall-spire owes its foundation to Matti Jarvinen’s gold-medal win. To get the best views of Helsinki, climb this tour and see for yourself. 

Blockbuster Events at Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Olympiastadion Helsinki

I was told by my guide that this stadium is the largest stadium in Finland, with a capacity of 40K people. In fact, International artists like Michael Jackson, Bon-Jovi, and many other renowned artists have performed in this stadium. Also, visiting Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Olympiastadion) was a thrill because it’s the home stadium of the Finland National Football Team. In 1983, this stadium was the first official venue for the First World Athletics Championships. Followed by, the World Championships in 2005, and European Athletics Championship in 1971, 1994, and 2012 respectively.

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