BBC calls this Olympic Stadium the most beautiful in World

Helsinki is as pretty as a picture, honoured with numerous miracles of nature. In addition to that, Helsinki flaunts some of the most beautiful architecture in Scandinavia. One such place is Helsinki Olympic Stadium, rated amongst the most wonderful, in the world by BBC. During my visit, the stadium was undergoing a renovation, therefore, I could only photograph its exteriors. I have heard, the interiors are just as fabulous. The first thing you need to know about this stadium is that it is a tribute to Paavo Nurmi, the best runner of all times. When you arrive here, don’t forget to click a picture with the Paavo Nurmi statue at the entrance passageway.

Olympiastadion is the Biggest Stadium in Finland

Okay, so apparently Olympiastadion, is also the biggest stadium in Finland. (Other than of-course the most beautiful) In recent times, the stadium hosts International sports as well as concert-like events. Paavo Nurmi, if you don’t know, was the King of Runners. He singlehandedly earned Finland national pride in the running category. Running was Nurmi’s passion for which he won many Gold and Silver medals.

Some of his record-breaking wins got him 9 Gold & 3 Silver in Olympic Games, 3 Gold & 1 Silver in Antwerp, 5 Gold in Paris, and 1 Gold & 2 silver in Amsterdam. While you are here, take time to explore the exteriors, which are the key highlight of this stunning stadium. Persay, the 240 feet tall, elevated tower, cannot be missed. If you get on top of the tower, you will be able to enjoy noteworthy views of Helsinki. Good news is that the Tower is open to all visitors.

Although, what makes this Tower exclusive, is that it takes its inspiration from Matti Jarvinen’s gold-medal win. (Sweet Nostalgia for Finns, Aye!) Also, being the largest stadium in Finland, the seating capacity here stands at 40,000 people per event. You’ll be surprised to know that International artists like Michael Jackson, Bon-Jovi, and many others have performed in this stadium.

The Swag of Important Events held at Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Visiting Olympiastadion was a great experience! Not only, because of its unique architecture, but also, because it is the home stadium of the Finland National Football Team. The stadium happens to be the first-ever official venue for the First World Athletics Championships in 1983. (Also, the World Championships in 2005) Furthermore, Helsinki Olympic Stadium hosted 1971, 1994, and 2012 European Athletics Championship.

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