The 3 Best Mumbai Restaurants of 2018

Leading the way for 17 million people every day, Mumbai, expresses its unstoppable spirit, in many ways. Primarily because, this commercial capital of India, flourishes with united-millennials, connecting beyond enterprising objectives. Buzzing with Michelin-starred restaurants, to local street food stalls, Mumbai restaurants cater to thousands rummaging for fame and money daily. (Selling some-of-the-best appetisers you will ever taste in your life) While chasing city’s finest restaurants (and cafes), I stumbled upon, these peculiar eateries that represent Mumbai’s passion for cooking.

Chicken Sukka Tiqri

The 3 Best Mumbai Restaurants of 2018

The best restaurants and cafes in Mumbai will recreate any classic dish of your choice. From a rugged Maharashtrian speciality to a delicate French delicacy, your appetite will never go wasted in this cosmopolitan city of dreams. My personal favourite is the fresh seafood from the coastlines of the Arabian Sea. With all that food panache, these places go beyond the traditional servings by offering you boundless imaginativeness on a plate. Besides, those lavish interiors and incredible service, to go with it, is what makes you return.

Rivea Taj Santacruz

1. Tiqri, Taj Santacruz (Costs INR 10000 for Two)

Nothing like a Sunday Brunch at Tiqri Bar & Lounge

2. Playboy Club Mumbai (Costs INR 7500 for Two)

Playboy Club Mumbai is a throwback to 90’s with Bunnies

3. Theory The Experience (Costs INR 5000 for Two)

THEORY, a Legendary Cocktail Den in South Mumbai!

Mumbai’s Best Cafes Worth Visiting

After travelling to the world’s top coffee cities, I can tell you, Mumbai serves equally good caffeine and top-notch brews. Moreover, Mumbai is a major hub of culture and conversations, making coffee a default lifestyle choice. By all means, Mumbai defines its warm-drinks culture in a unique way, whether it be, a classic cutting-chai or a fancy Popzel Frappuccino. Then again, I have been in and out of hundreds of coffee shops before coming across a few, that live for the craft of coffee. Here’s presenting a few that are more than just a cafe!

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