Les Invalides is Napoleon’s Official Tomb of Honour

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Les Invalides, is another fabulous landmark in Paris! Although, it is usually known as the national residence of the Invalids! The architecture, specifically features the elements of reliefs, military historical centre and Dome des Invalides. Visiting this enormous complex of structures, means you get to explore the exhibition halls and museums symbolising the military history of France. In fact, this building is also a healing centre and a retirement home for war veterans. That alongside, an expansive church with an entombment site! Not to mention, this venture is Louis XIV’s curation, who wanted to provide a home to wiped out warriors.

Les Invalides, The Military History and Influence

Architect Liberal Bruant, envisioned the stunning Les Invalides in the plaine de Grenelle area. Thereafter, he completed the building in 1676, with 15 courtyards and a beautiful river-front view. This monument, was also the largest monument in the French court of honour, for military parades. The domed chapel was added later, where Napoleon was entombed in 1840. Above all, France celebrated a national funeral on 15th December, after moving Napoleon’s coffin to the chapel.

How to Enter the Napoleon’s Tomb at Les Invalides 

Enter the crypt via a staircase to visit this one! The heavy bronze door, fringed by 2 statues, followed by an inscription from Napoleon’s will. He said, “I wish my ashes to rest on the banks of the Seine among the people of France whom I so much loved.” The Restoration room, exhibits the isle of Saint Helena and Elba. This is where you will notice  reconstruction of Napoleon’s drawing room with his belongings and favourite furniture. The museum opens from 10 AM to 6PM, with an exception on every 1st Monday.

You may visit the Tomb and Dome at the same time, however between 15th June to 15 September the timings change to 10 AM – 7PM. If historical figures fascinate you, then explore the grand “Les-Invalides” and its military influence.

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