Trekking Trip from Kullu to Tosh via Manikaran

To start your trekking trip from Kullu to Tosh via Manikaran, here’s a simple track you should follow. Also, before you take the plunge, make sure to carry a few bottles of drinking water, light snacks, first-aid kit and essential trekking gear.

Trekking Trip from Kullu to Tosh via Manikaran

6 AM: Gather at Goswami Nature Park and start following the Kullu Ramsheela Marg road to Mohal. Keep walking until you reach Mohal, which is around 2 hours from Kullu. You will be in Mohal by 8, which is a great time to get breakfast. Most restaurants in this area open by 10 AM, however, Raajani rafting camp does serve breakfast at 8, so does Kullu Manali Vaishnav Dhaba. The freshly prepared Paneer Parathas and mix Pakodas at Vaishnav Dhaba are out of this world. (Also, very economical) 

Kullu River

After grabbing breakfast, get set go on the Manikaran road. Stop once you reach Parvati Valley Riverside Cafe which should be within 2 hours from Mohal. Say, you reach Parvati Valley by 10, which will give you a couple of hours to soak the natural scenic beauty of this magnificent valley. I’d say, stay here until lunchtime, then grab a light meal, before you pave your way to the mysterious hot springs of Manikaran.


From Parvati Valley, it will be a long 5-hour walk (20 Kms) until you reach “The Himalayan Village,” where you must take a night halt. You can stay at Parvati Woods camp, Katagla Forest Retreat, or Parvati Kuteer, although, it’s always best to make reservations in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Rest well and next day, leave at 7 AM for Manikaran.

Manikaran Temple

On your way, take a photo stop at Kasol, another beautiful Himachali village. By 10.30 PM, you will be in Manikaran, a holy pilgrimage site with natural hot springs. Spend a few hours here, take a bath in the miraculous sulphur water, eat lunch at a local restaurant and then pave your way to the stunning valley of Tosh. If you leave Manikaran by 1 PM, you can reach Tosh by 6 PM. 

Trek to Tosh

You will know when you reach the enchanting village of Tosh, which is located on a hill, in the Parvati Valley, near Kasol. Surrounded by lush mountains and meadows, Tosh is flourishing with fields sprouting Marigolds, Irises, Himalayan blue poppies, Buttercups, and Himalayan Balsam flowers. Birds which are attracted to these flowers are Himalayan Griffons, Bull and Rosefinches, Brown Dippers, Lamagiers, and white-capped water starts. They say, sighting Himalayan bears is a common thing around here. Although, the most fascinating thing to do in Tosh is track down Tosh River, to its origin at the Tosh Glacier. This traditional village is now a happy hippie colony, with shy and quiet residents.

Spend 2 nights here and then trek back to Kullu.

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