Kaziranga National Park – Rhinoceros in Wonderland

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Lately in the news, we have had Prince William and his lady – Princess Kate express their affection towards the baby rhinoceros at Kaziranga, during their visit to this outstanding international site. A heartfelt moment for animal lovers, across the globe! Kaziranga National Park is a wildlife preservation in the Golaghat that hosts 2/3rd of the world’s one horned rhinoceros.

The Indian Rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park

Rhinoceros Unicorns, also known as the greater one-horned rhinoceros seem to have found a permanent lush green home at this world heritage site. Coming back to our visit, we started with finding the most comfortable seat in the ‘dark moss’ green colour, 6 seated Safari that was assigned to our group. Although half of our other friends chose the Elephant Safari for a closer experience with nature. Enroute was an eventful journey, where we experienced adrenaline rush during each turn that driver took into the dense forest area.

The National Park of Kaziranga

20 Kms inside the park, and I almost felt like Alice in wonderland. This wonderland flaunted some of the most magical twisted blossom trees in diverse colours, which made me think about the science of nature, and the exceptional creative sense of the creator. Although, there were no mushrooms, giant caterpillars or a white rabbit muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”, instead we had plenty of time to explore and what a treat it was to watch adult and baby rhinoceros everywhere. Looks like, it’s more of a happy “rhinoceros in a wonderland” story. I looked around before taking my next step, and there I was standing between the golden pillars.

If you are wondering what I mean by golden pillars, then I must tell you that the shade card of Tree Stems at Kaziranga range from subtle yellow to mustard to dark brown. Of course supported by plenty of greens on the roof for an intense shade, while beneath my feet laid a carpet of green grass. We noticed crushed and stomped thick grass, evidence that an adult rhino had crossed the road recently.

Inside the Kaziranga National Park

It’s mesmerising when you drive across a lake on one side, while river on the other. At about 40ft distance, we could see the rhino families indulging in some serious sun bathing, and diet salad feasting. How do they grow so big on a diet thats purely based on leaves. The guide continuously warned us to be quiet. He narrated incidents where angry rhinoceros had turned the vehicles upside down in a split second. The tip is, don’t be loud as Rhinoceros are meditative animals, quiet and reserved. They teach you a lot, if you find enough time to observe them.

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12 thoughts on “Kaziranga National Park – Rhinoceros in Wonderland

  1. One third is a lot. No wonder this place is so popular. I can relate to your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ emotion, I feel the same when I am this close to nature. The woods have an overwhelming sense which charges our adrenaline. I bet the sunset must be equally enchanting.

    1. Thank you Saru 🙂 This is a post by my Mother and yes she did have a great time in North East amidst lush forests..but we both share the same sentiment for nature as you do..The Sun sets are awesome in this zone and they even have a specific sun set point between Dimapur and Kohima..

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