Sunday F Brunch at Marriott’s Indore Kitchen

Every time I visit Indore, I am thrilled to discover new brunch hotspots. In fact, one-of-the-best restaurants sprouting up, in MP, is Marriott’s Indore Kitchen. Indore Marriott has rolled out a fun, frolic version, of a classic Sunday Brunch and named it F Brunch. A great opportunity, to linger over cocktails and multiple food-courses, well past noon. 

Indore Kitchen F Brunch
Indore Kitchen, Marriott Indore

Things that leave a mark at Indore Kitchen

Indore Kitchen stands apart due to its enchanting courtyard setting, innovative cocktails, extravagant cuisines, and exemplary service. Furthermore, this 3-meal restaurant features a variety of cooking methods in an open kitchen. In this affluent space, you can expect to taste the best of Italian, Indian, and Asian delicacies. My close friend, Shoeb, joined me for the fantastic F Brunch at Indore Marriott last week.

Indore Kitchen Buffet

The F Brunch started with a LIVE band performance and Lemongrass Martinis especially curated for us by the mixologist. Moreover, the Martini’s came in a ‘chic’ stemless funnel glass, supported by a jar full of ice cubes and basil. (Apparently, the ice cubes consistently maintain the right temperature for the Martini) That, further leading to tasting an array of rocking appetisers alongside.

Indore Marriott Lemongrass Martini

Exclusive Conversation with Executive Chef, Vivek Kalia

Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia
Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia

F Brunch is all about feasting on refined comfort food in a sophisticated setting. If you take a close look at Indore Kitchen’s Sunday menu, you will find numerous mouth-watering recipes. Whipped up in ten minutes or less, the finger-licking Pork ribs, Lamb chops, Shrimp bruschettas, Baked Fish, Biryani, Waffles and Mousses, instantly glorified my weekend. Check out this surprise savoury, a dumpling dish with a crispy crunchy layer. 

Indore Kitchen Dumplings with a twist
Indore Kitchen Dumplings with a Twist

Are any of you addicted to celebrity chef food shows? Well! Isn’t it lovely to watch those culinary experts showcase their undying passion for food? In all honesty, replevying a mouthful of insights from Marriott’s Executive Chef Vivek Kalia, over a lunch conversation, was equally inspiring.

Indore Kitchen Pork Ribs
Indore Kitchen Tender Pork Ribs with BBQ sauce

Great food comes from great elements, hence, let’s begin with unearthing Chef Kalia’s list of favourite ingredients. When asked about his personal favourites, Chef responded, “Black Pepper and Cinnamon” whether, ground or whole!

Indore Kitchen Nilgiri Sushi

Q: Why did you decide to become a Chef or a Culinary artist?

A: Ever since childhood, I have always wanted to do something different, something creative. Cooking was never on my mind, and I was busy trying my luck on poetry, sketching, and singing until I cleared the hotel management exams. At the interview, I was told, “cooking is a creative field” and will require the best of your passion. During my first year of Hotel Management itself, I found my interest in Kitchens. Although, the beginning was tough, really tough! With each passing year, I found my interest and zeal growing in subject cooking. Also, I trusted myself to become a creative chef. Then again, I was also very fortunate to work with some of the best chefs in the industry. For, they inspired me, to develop my own style!

Indore Kitchen Desserts

Q: What does Comfort Food mean to you?

A: From the beginning, I was inspired by Chef Thomas Keller and of course Chef Gordon. I developed ‘comfort food’ as my forte, after working with great hospitality chains, in India. (under expert supervision) Comfort food for me is the choice of right and top quality ingredients combined in a right quantity to create memorable flavours. Besides, it’s easy to eat food that relates to both masses and classes. But of course, it’s your style of presentation and cooking techniques which stamps your mark to it.

Indore Kitchen Popcorn Bhel

Q: What is your favourite cuisine to cook and eat? Also, how many different types of cuisine can you produce?

A: My favourite cuisine is Italian, that is where, I specialised in, with the Italian chefs. Ingredients play a major role in Italian cuisine, although, cooking with love and passion is the most important part. Thumb rule to success is learning! I have worked with French, Mexican, Spanish, and Thai chefs and in time, have mastered on Mediterranean cuisine. In near future, I want to learn the Peruvian cuisine, and I am already working on the plan for the same. Italian for sure, is my favourite cuisine, to cook, along with, Home-Indian cooking, which is also very close to my heart. Every single day, I try my hand at a few key, home recipes.

Inside Indore Kitchen

Q: How do you test the quality of your ingredients?

A: Top quality ingredients will always make you stand in a better position. The quality of the ingredients would depend on the recipe of the dish. In chefs language, we do yield tests, blind tastings, and cooking tests to prove the quality.

Indore Kitchen Dessert Buffet

Q: When are you happiest at work?

A: Happy customers and success of my recipes and team make me happy at work.

Bon Appétit at F Brunch

Learning to cook, is a long-lasting journey, while the best chefs never stop. Under Chef Vivek Kalia’s supervision, everything you eat from the traditionally spiced Popcorn Bhel, to contemporary Asian and European delicacies, will have a fine customary touch to it. For desserts, Indore Kitchen showcased its oven-baked collection along with, a wide range of frozen, melted, and gooey sweet course. Indore Kitchen at Marriott Indore certainly knows how to please your palate.

Indore Kitchen Exotic Waffles

What I liked best: The Lemongrass Martini, slow-cooked Pork Ribs, Pastas, tender Ghosht Biryani, Nilgiri Sushi platter, Cheeses, and out-of-the-world desserts. Of all Marriott’s incredible services, I recommend F Brunch in particular, to everyone. Even the busiest of professionals should pace down for this leisurely brunch.

Indore Kitchen Bar


INR 425 Kids F-Brunch, INR 849 Non-Alcoholic F-Brunch, INR 999 Alcohol F-Brunch, and INR 1399 for Premium Alcohol F-Brunch. Opening times: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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