F Brunch Sunday Delight at Marriott Indore Kitchen

Indore Kitchen F Brunch
Indore Kitchen, Marriott Indore

Every time we visit Indore, we are thrilled to discover that the city is sprawling with more and more restaurants that encourage weekend family time togetherness. One of our recent finds during our Marriott Indore stay was the Indore Kitchen that hosts city’s best Sunday brunch. The Sunday lunch at Indore Marriott goes by the name F Brunch which is symbolic of a fun and frolic weekend. From Live musical performances to a wide variety of Indian and continental menu, F Brunch is an exemplary experience. Or a great opportunity to linger over cocktails and endless conversations well past noon.

Indore Kitchen Buffet

Set in a courtyard setting, the first glimpse of Indore Kitchen transports you to a luxurious European restaurant, except this one is in the heart of MP. The open kitchen concept showcases how Marriott is keen on using fresh ingredients while the Chefs cook your food in front of you. The aromatic fragrance of Italian, Indian, and Asian delicacies persuade you to order everything on the menu. Have a look at the variety of cuisines we tried during our F-Brunch drive.

Indore Marriott Lemongrass Martini

We were introduced to Marriott Indore’s F-Brunch with a trail, of Lemongrass infused Martinis. These Martini’s were served to us in a stylish stemless funnel glass, supported by a jar full of ice cubes and basil. The Mixologist Jitu explained to us that the ice cubes help maintain the right temperature while keeping the Martini cool for an hour.

Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia
Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia

While we devoured a feast of finger-licking Pork ribs, Lamb chops, Shrimp bruschettas, Baked Fish, Crispy Dumplings, and much more, Executive Chef Vivek Kalia joined us in for a brief conversation. Replevying a mouthful of insights from Marriott’s Executive Chef was as good as, living through a Live celebrity chef food show.

Indore Kitchen Dumplings with a twist
Indore Kitchen Dumplings with a Twist
Indore Kitchen Pork Ribs
Indore Kitchen Tender Pork Ribs with BBQ sauce

Indore Kitchen Nilgiri Sushi

Over a platter of Nigri Sushi, we spoke to Chef Kalia about various aspects of cooking. Starting with, why did he choose to become a chef. To which, he answered, “Ever since childhood, I always wanted to do something different and creative. Cooking was never on my mind until I cleared my hotel management exams. It’s during my first year I found interest in the Kitchens. Thereafter I trusted myself to become a creative chef and was very fortunate, to work with some of the best chefs in the industry.”

Indore Kitchen Popcorn Bhel

When presented with a popcorn Bhel appetizer, we couldn’t resist but ask Chef Kalia about why comfort food is his forte. Chef Kalia told us, that he has always been inspired by Chef Thomas Keller and Gordon Ramsay. However, he developed the knack for recreating comfort food after working with top hospitality partners. Which, is how he learned to blend top quality ingredients to create a memorable meal. A meal that, appeals to both masses and classes! We couldn’t agree less for the Popcorn Bhel did taste amazing.

Indore Kitchen Desserts

Our comprehensive F-Brunch experience concluded with a chocolate fairytale on the plate. If Disneyland, were a dessert, we think this is what they’d look like. From oven-baked chocolate shells to sprouting frozen rainbows, Marriott Indore Kitchen deserves a 5/5 for pleasing our sweet palates.

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