Helsinki International Airport 2016 Visit

Recently, Finland has been in news for getting a Scandinavian Mountain from Norway for their 100th Birthday. Isn’t that extraordinary motivation, while whatever is left of the world is fascinated in an interminable mission of battling about an outright inch of land? Generous stories from Scandinavian district reestablishes our confidence in mankind. What could be a more suitable time to visit this inclining nation right! Incidentally, Finland is more well known for its thousands of lakes and unmatched scenic beauty. Landing at Helsinki International Airport was an affirmation that Fins love their Wood. As the flight arrived from over the woodlands, to the runway; the pine trees pursued my sight for whatever length of time that they could.

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The Helsinki International Airport

The city of Helsinki and its inhabitants endeavour to associate with Mother Earth. In the event that you are travelling from one of the noisiest urban communities, Helsinki is an immaculate getaway. Correspondingly, Finavia airport has opened a lounge for travellers, where they can unwind while tuning into the peaceful hints of timber land. The new Kainuu lounge allows you to extend your legs underneath a tree and tune into a bird tune. The lounge has been adorned in the soul of the Kainuu district. Here’s the open door to connect with nature inside the air terminal. You will begin to look all starry eyed at the seats, produced from trees that fell by the wind or singing deadwood. Above all, Moreover, the airport also exhibits sleeping capsules for passengers in transit. Tea-coffee lovers can enjoy a drink at the cosy and dim-lit Starbucks on the airport! 

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Helsinki in Summer

Summers they say is the best time to visit this side of the world! Not to mention, the weather was enjoyable warm in August. When you are near Arctic, you anticipate that it will be exceptionally chilly although the Sun sparkles sufficiently to keep you warm. Then again, don’t over-burden your baggage with woollens, in the event that you are heading out to Scandinavia in August. Similarly, winter could be chilly so arrange in like manner.

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