Dinner Night Surprise at Marriott One Asia

Planning a surprise Marriott dinner for mom turned out to be a double whammy. One we were getting to taste the new menu of One Asia and second the Chefs agreed to use a rare ingredient we’d purchased from our Singapore trip. None other than, the Limited Red Korean Ginseng known for multiple healing benefits. This Asian ingredient is most commonly consumed by the affluent class across China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, who use it as their source of organic health restoration. So, when we chanced upon the Ginseng root powder on Genting Dream Cruise, we couldn’t resist but buy it.

One Asia Family Dinner

When One Asia Chefs agreed to use this powerful ingredient, we were overwhelmed by the thought of getting to rejoice a Ginseng dinner in Indore. About our culinary excursion, we arrived at Marriott Indore at 8 PM, and after a prompt valet parking initiation, we proceeded past the security check to irrupt into One Asia. Which at first glimpse appears to be Indore’s finest-restaurant decorated with ‘customary’ elements. 

Indore Marriott Jitendra

Our dinner night began, as soon as, Jitendra and Abhijay, the beverage manager and the mixologist arrived at our table to give us a ‘pictorial’ introduction to the bar menu. From signature Asian cocktails to the finest of wines on display, One Asia bar menu is the one to sweep you off your feet. More so, because most of the exotic cocktails on the menu, are herb-infused and take to use ‘only’ the best Asian herbs. 

Marriott Ginseng Dinner Night

From the graphical bar menu, our pick for the night was the deluxe Scotch Whiskey inundated with an Asian black iced herb cube. Along with, a refreshing Gin cocktail with a sprinkle of aromatic healers.

One Asia Indore Marriott

Our drinks were accompanied by the 15th-century Spanish starter, guacamole, which by the way are the crispy avocado tortilla chips. Even though, the appetizers and the main course stole the highlight with their distinctive flavors. In particular, the Ginseng Soup, Mango Sushi, stuffed Siu-Mai, and smoky-grilled King Prawns were the ultimate standouts. 

For the first course, we had the signature South Korean Samgyetang soup, garnished with exotic veggies and Ginseng. What we enjoyed the most about this hot steaming bone-in chicken broth was, that it was brought to us in traditional Asian pots. Packed with shiitake mushrooms, and goji berries, this soup is indeed the best way to start an Asian meal.

Marriott Indore Mango Sushi

Before we could applaud praise, our next appetizer, the classic Japanese Mango Sushi was on the table. The crazy mango sushi rolls were a mouthful of flavors, with a creamy texture, that just melt-down our throats. The overall taste of the Mango sushi was that of a subtle-contrast between the vinegared rice sourness and the sweetness of the fresh seasonal mangoes.

Indore Marriott Siu Mai Dim sum

Next up, was a beautiful spread of Cantonese Siu Mai dim sums which are partially left open, for you to get a glimpse at the aromatic ingredients. Wrapped in delicate dumpling skin, these chicken, and shiitake mushroom Siu Mai’s tastes just as good as, they smelled.

Our last appetizer of the day was the satay Jumbo Prawns served on a small portable charcoal grill. For an authentic experience, it’s important to take into consideration the traditional art of culinary. All throughout China and Southeast Asia, skewed Prawns are coconut coated and then served on a charcoal grill. Each bite of these marine crustaceans invoked a sweet nostalgia of our culinary crusade from the Asian turf. 

One Asia Silver Pomfret

The whole idea of collaborating with Marriott Indore to plan this surprise dinner for mom was to rekindle mealtime togetherness. A concept widely prevalent in the whole of Asia! And so our conversations went on with another round of herbed Scotch and Gin cocktail. For the main course, we devoured the Sichuan Silver Pomfret with Yangzhou Prawn rice, two-eminent Chinese wok dishes tossed with exotic veggies and distinctive herbs.

Marriott Indore One Asia Chilled Jelly Dessert

But, it’s the signature dessert that smashed us with its ginseng notes and a rich-buttery texture. This Ginseng Tub Tim Krob was specially curated for us by Marriott’s executive chef Vivek Kalia and what do we even say, except, the whole experience was crème de la crème! 

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