Le Bar & Salon Nashik Dinner Experience

Nashik is a beautiful city perched in the lap of the lush Sahyadri range. One of my visits to Nashik was chronicled, on an invitation from Express Inn, a resort-like hotel by Preferred Group. I stayed at the Express Suite that offers phenomenal views of Pandavleni caves. During my weekend stay at the hotel, I mostly dined at Aster, the all-day dining restaurant on the ground floor. However, on a Sunday evening, I was invited to review the neon-lit Le Bar & Salon Nashik on the first floor. The entrance to this restaurant is, signalised by a large Sula wine bottle mural, dropping the hint to the doorway.

Sula Nashik

Beyond the Giant, Sula Bottle rests a worthy atmosphere where you can enjoy a medley of cocktails with continental cuisine. On the offset, Le Bar & Salon comes across as an unruffled lounge portraying itself as a sports bar lit with neon ceilings and accentuated white couches. One of the side walls is beautified, with a collection of prized wine bottles! During my visit, this lounge bar heeded only 20% of its capacity, and the only guests besides me, and my photographer were a few locals and in-house guests, who were here only to grab drinks.

Le Bar Salon, Nashik's Neon Lounge

I had a funny experience at Le Bar & Salon. Even though I was invited to this lounge bar for a review, it seems the marketing manager had forgotten to inform the staff about it. They kept us waiting for over 45-minutes to get a confirmation from the management. We had pretty much lost our appetite by the time the staff managed to secure a confirmation. Nonetheless, almost after 45-minutes, the waitstaff brought us the menu card and requested our order. We ordered one cranberry long island ice tea, one plum wine pint by rhythm winery, one Mutton Shashlik sizzler and fried rice between two people.

Mutton Shashlik Express Inn

The drinks arrived in 20-minutes, and the food took another fifty minutes. Mutton Shashlik sizzler was served on a bed of exotic vegetables with french fries and fried rice. While I was expecting the mutton to be tender, not only was it overcooked but also quite chewy. I must have left 80% of the sizzler as it is because the only thing that tasted good was the fries. The fried rice wasn’t bad either but, I have tasted better food, and this wasn’t the kind of food, I would recommend to anyone. 

Express Inn Sports Bar

Before we left, the mixologists put up a mediocre show with coffee shots on fire. That spectacle instantly teleported me two decades behind when fire shots were trending. On the whole, I despise, the ambience, the service, the food and pledge to never visit again. You don’t go to a restaurant to feel bad, you go to a restaurant to have a good time. I hope that the senior management will look into this and will have their services improved.

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