Experience 360° Sky View from the Top of Ericsson Globe

This outward slanted elevator is reachable inside 15 minutes from the focal Stockholm. We are discussing a wonder that transports you to the highest point of the field for an unhampered 360° perspective of Stockholm. As an issue of fact, this framework was composed by the architect Berg-Arkitektkontor-AB. Most importantly, it represents world’s largest scale model of Sun in the Sweden Solar System.

Despite turbulent climate conditions, the staff made an exemption since we had an advance booking. The undertakings start with a basic 15-minute video that gives important information about Arena’s operations.

The magnanimous Ericsson Globe with its Sky View

Ericsson Globe or Sky View is a world class attraction, located in Johanneshov district of Stockholm. In fact, it opened by February 2010 and carried 160,000 people during its 1st year of operation. The Sky view Globe offers 2 spherical seating compartments which travel through parallel tracks. Each of these compartments can accommodate up to 16 passengers. It moves very slow and allows you to enjoy the view of each level. The 2 Sky View compartmental balls depart every 10 minutes and the entire visit takes about 30 minutes.

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Ericsson Globe took only 2 and a half years to build

This monstrous white ball exhibits a diameter of 110 metres and height of 85 metres. Moreover, it offers an extraordinary view of the Stockholm City from its 425 feet apex. Globen Arena is World’s largest hemispherical building! Not to mention, the building can seat about 16,000 spectators. Stockholm’s Globen is consistently utilised for concerts, sports events and ice hockey matches. In addition, this noteworthy Globe is an immense sporting arena, absolutely fantastic in lighting and acoustics. 

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The layout, events and proximity from Globen Arena

Not to mention, it is only 5 minutes walk from the Globen Station. In fact, a new Wi-Fi network was installed in March 2016 to enhance the user experience. In fact, Ericsson Globen is also the national arena for the Swedish hockey team. This is the arena where Sweden won the hockey world championships in 2013 and the European handball championships in 2002. It was fascinating to observe that Swedes love hockey as much as Spanish love soccer. 

In 2009, Swedish telecommunications company ‘Ericsson’ obtained the naming rights to the Stockholm Globe Arena. As a result, it became the Ericsson Globe. In addition, this is also the arena where Nelson Mandela held a speech in 1990. The arena where world-class artists like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have performed sold-out events. Notably, a wheelchair-friendly layout of facilities like bars, restaurant, souvenir store and restrooms. Plenty of Restaurants around Ericsson Globe serves Mexican and Italian. There are few cafés and souvenir shops adjacent to Skyview, along with anchor stores like H&M, Lindex, and MQ.

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