Unveiling the Gothic Cologne Cathedral of Germany

Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is a Catholic church in Germany, prominently famous for its Gothic architecture which in return has earned it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In all honesty, we were left spellbound at first glance, with our eyes seamlessly scanning the colossal 12th-century design from top to bottom! Which, by the way, is built on the same site as the Roman temple of Mercurius Augustus. And, we are talking 818 BC, if we were to go by the excavation records. Therefore, it made complete sense to why Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s tallest twin-spired church, as well, the most visited landmark.

Cologne Catherdral Entrance

Designed to match the shape of a Latin Cross, this Cologne Cathedral is symbolic of the bygone Gothic era. Which, is well-represent by two of its aisles, on either side, which reinforces the world’s highest Gothic vaults. While one of these aisles is a single ambulatory, the other one contains seven divaricated chapels. Regardless, the architectural beauty of this cathedral is largely-commanded by ‘huge’ Germanic spires enveloping its foundation. The towering spires of this cathedral make it a church with world’s ‘largest’ facade. About, the spiral staircase, we were told that it’s a formation of 533 stone steps, which leads the visitors 330 ft above the ground level, to a rare scenic view over the Rhine.

Cologne Catherdral Interiors

From inside, Cologne Cathedral appears like a tall French-style arcade, decorated with a fragile triforium gallery, gracefully lit by clerestory windows and intricate glass art. Even though, the choir seems to have retained most of the original gothic fittings such as the 84 misericords. That is, despite the fact, that the cathedral was ‘invaded’ by the French troops who had ruthlessly vandalized the church. Originally this grand cathedral was built to house the shrine of the holy relics from 3 different Kings, as well, serve as a sole place of worship for the Roman Emperor.

Cologne Catherdral Mosaic

Today, Cologne symbolizes the medieval era testimony of Christian belief. Also, with its unprecedented value developed during 19th-century, the cathedral stands out as a rare masterpiece of modern Europe.

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