The Insider’s Guide to Sweden’s Luxurious Hotels

Midsummer Sweden, is home to innumerable, Frozen lands, islands, Reindeers, and Moose. (Along with, ABBA, IKEA, and Viking valley) Enveloped in an impeccable style, Sweden offers all that plus overwhelming food. After all, my first trip to Sweden was as if, I’d walked straight into a fashion magazine. Unquestionably, Swedes are obsessed with an upscale lifestyle, which is noticeable in their homes, yachts, hotels, and truly inspiring public spaces.

Vasa Ship Museum

Notably, Swedes follow a unique style, tautly linked with cool aesthetics and clever designs. Which is what makes the fashion, approachable and easy to fall in love with! Another key point is that Sweden’s natural beauty is its core strength. (Mostly visible in countryside) Best would be to rent a yacht or to board a cruise to sail across Swedish archipelagoes. Or, stay at one of the luxurious properties, and they will figure out the best skiing, hiking, cycling, skating, and fishing opportunities for you.

Stockholm City Hall Wall

On many levels, Sweden features the indigenous nomadic lifestyle, built around dogsledding tours, reindeer herding, handicrafts, and traditional cooking. It’s always good to indulge in Sami meal or purchase Sami woodwork souvenirs before leaving. Discovering Sweden for its seaside castles, colossal ships, Viking ruins and medieval cities was always a dream. In 2016, it came true and as a bonus, I got a chance to enjoy hospitality, of some incredible hotels surrounding Swedish landscapes. Here unfolding my experiences!

Sweden’s Luxurious Hotels

Sweden's Luxurious Hotels

1. Scandic Infra City

Scandic Infra City Hotel was once a Hilton! Today, it’s a pet-friendly 4-star property owned by Scandic hotels. The hotel exhibits Scandinavia’s largest indoor tropical garden, the reason why it’s popular with it’s returning customers.

2. Nordic C Hotel

Arrive at the most celebrated bar of Sweden and enjoy a night full of contrasts to the planet’s first permanent Absolut Ice Bar. The Absolut Ice Bar is at the Nordic C Hotel near the central train station in Stockholm. In addition, this exclusive bar contains the purest Ice of Jukkasjärvi in Lapland. Not to mention, Jukkasjärvi is a pollution free zone supporting the creativity of all the wondrous Ice bars.

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