Seer Secrets Lemongrass Green Tea 50 GM

After trying almost every product of Seer Secrets, I stumbled upon this phenomenal Green Tea one day. A brand I love, because, their entire range is organic, super effective, and digestive. Hence, I recently bought Seer Secrets Lemongrass green tea, handpicked from their Himalayan tea estates. Great things come in small packages, was my first thought, when I tasted this tea.

Seer Secrets Lemongrass Green Tea

By all means, Seer Secrets 50 Gm package, is good enough to boost your metabolism, in a month’s time. In all honesty, the new Lemongrass Tea is so good, that I had to share a review. Besides, this effectual tea arrives in an attractive packaging. Like a Matryoshka doll, first, unwrap the aluminium container, then pull out, the glass jar full of buds.

Seer Secrets Lemongrass Green Tea Glass Jar

Coming to the taste, this subtle tea, comes with a beautiful lemongrass flavour. When I took the first sip, I felt the mild flavours gently unfolding and soothing my throat. Drink this tea, twice a day, to increase metabolism and lose weight. (I lost nearly 4 Kgs, in about a month) The tea comes in small pearl-like extracts or buds.

Seer Secrets Handpicked Lemongrass Tea

When you brew the tea, you will notice a light yellow tone stretching out in the cup. Once the golden colour envelops your cup, know your tea is ready to be consumed. Although the tea features a mild lemongrass fragrance, it’s effect on health is inevitable. This incredible tea flushes out toxins, enhances internal hydration, and helps you keep healthy.

Seer Secrets Lemongrass T

Even though I am an avid coffee drinker, this one tea has replaced much of my caffeine dose. Regardless, there are a lot of reasons why you must buy this tea. For appetisers, this lemongrass tea is handpicked from the organic tea estates of the majestic Himalayan peaks. (Which makes it rare and nutritious)

Seer Secrets Lemongrass Green

Also, known as the “Elixir Of Life,” this Lemongrass tea promotes longevity and wellness. what better way to kickstart your day right? You can instantly brew this detox blend with diuretic Properties. Infused with Camellia Sinensis, Seer Secrets Lemongrass Tea brews in 2 minutes. Just add 4-5 pearls of the tea in a cup along with, steaming hot water. Savour a cup every day and cherish the refreshing blend while you relax.

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