Oriflame Sweden Giordani Gold Quad Radiant Plum 32077.1

Giordani Gold Quad Radiant Plum

Giordani Gold Quad Radiant Plum is one-of-the-best presents of 2018. All thanks, to my friend Sujata Tawde, who gifted me this beautiful eyeshadow combo by Oriflame Sweden, which will make any makeup lover swoon. Not only, has been Giordani Gold aspiring to create premium products for past 40 years, but also, infuses them with world’s most exclusive raw ingredients. Moreover, the luxuriously sleek black casing comes with 4 trendy long-wearing eyeshadows, in a compact mirrored box. I have to say, the packaging and ingredients significantly reflect the perfect craftsmanship of the curators. Which also includes their exclusive paper bag design! A sign that the brand is keen on helping you upgrade your lifestyle choices. Which is why I decided to put this one up on our list of reviews.

Giordani Gold Squad Radiant Plum 32077

Giordani Gold Quad Radiant Plum for Sensitive Eyes

Priced at INR 1169 for 5.2 Gms, Giordani Gold quad has recently added a range of new eyeshadows to its baked Quadro selection. Featuring rich pigmentation for a beautiful effect, the silky and blendable Radiant Plum provides a smooth application with each sweep of colour. Some of the active key ingredients of the eyeshadow, are Calcium Titanium Borosilicate, Mica, Talc, Boron Nitride Silica, Palmitate, Fluorphlogopite, Magnesium Stearate, and Tin Oxide.

Oriflame Sweden Giordani Gold

The product claims that the ingredients work fine for sensitive skin and I couldn’t agree less. My skin is too sensitive to ‘non-organic’ cosmetics, and most eye shadows make my eyes watery. Giordani Gold, however, felt like a light layer of cream applied on top of my eyelids. Other than that, applying this vibrant eyeshadow with wet effect, makes eyes look, just as, glamorous.

Oriflame Radiant Plum 32077

So, what’s different? Well at first, this luxurious product is sleeker than others, which makes it a lot more portable. Then, it is available in a wide range of sophisticated shimmering shades to choose from. I found ‘Radiant Plum,’ creamy eyeshadow particularly very fascinating, as the shades set the palette apart. I also love the inclusion of a pressed applicator for precise colour placement. Besides, Oriflame Sweden’s Giordani Gold Quad gives you four different ways to express yourself in one, powder compact. Let your creativity shine with Giordani Gold’s luxuriously, silky textures for a crease-free eye makeup with four finishes in one palette. Use single texture to style elegant in the day while, blend high-tones to get a ravishing show-stopping look, in the evening.

Giordani Gold Radiant Plum

How to Apply Radiant Plum Eyeshadow

1. Use the blending brush provided in the box, to apply shadow to your eyes.

2. Apply lighter shades on the brow bone, the inner corners, and the centre of the eyelid.

3. Likewise, apply darker shades on the outer corners, into the eyelid crease and along the lash lines.

4. Thereafter, blend well with the blending brush to flaunt that advanced salon look.

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