One Asia, a Goldmine of Authentic Asian Flavours in Indore

Indore Marriott is all set to launch its new restaurant One Asia soon. So, what makes them different? Well! At first, Chef Hemant Sharki from China House, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai is now in Indore, to churn out unbelievably unique food-course for you. Then, navigating through One Asia’s cocktails-menu is just as much fun, as getting to taste, all that flavoursome food. 

One Asia The Untold Story

Contrary to popular belief, authentic Asian food is not bland. The only reason, it tastes different, is that of the ingredients. For instance, East Asian cuisines avoid ingredients, that share the same flavour and rarely pair them together. Even though One Asia is set to launch soon, I was invited to a pre-tasting session. What surprised me most about the menu, was that it had items, I had never tasted before. (Like never ever)

Indore Marriott Scotch
The Untold Story

Starting with cocktails, my standout piece of the day was Scotch in a cocktail smoker box. This impressive centrepiece drew my attention, the moment it was placed on the table top. The Untold Story, as the name goes, is one-of-the spiciest and smokiest whisky I have ever tasted. With every sip, I relished the subtle yet intense flavours, of baked citrus and cinnamon. In all honesty, this cocktail renaissance by Marriott International, is a classic example, of high-class mixology. For the first few minutes, I smoked my scotch, then drank it too. I also tasted mixologist special, “exotic whiskey blend,” one of the herbed Signature Cocktail. 

One Asia Marriott Exotic Blend

Amongst all the dishes I tasted, here is a list of ones that made it to my “will order again” list. Starting with, Black & White Dimsums, totally rocked the dinner night. It’s beautiful, unique, creative, and fun! Besides, you get to taste two different dishes together with one mouthful of tasting. Curious about the black metallic glaze? So was I, before I asked Chef Hemant Sharki to reveal the secret. All I can tell is that this black metallic finish is the result of hand-crushed sesame powder. (It can’t be that simple though, considering if it was, everyone else would have been doing it too)

One Asia Sesame Dimsums
One Asia Crystal and Sesame Dimsums

Next up was King Prawns, sautéed in Asian style. This one is China’s most celebrated crustacean dish, feasted upon on all Chinese festive occasions and celebrations. By all means, this “holy trinity” of ginger, garlic, and spring onions, was my second best sampling of the Asian cuisine at One Asia.

King Prawns One Asia Indore Marriott
King Prawns, One Asia, Indore Marriott

In desserts, a creative take on Chinese Sesame Seed Balls won my heart. Sesame Seed Balls or ‘Jian Dui’ as they call it in China, is a delicious fried Chinese pastry. A pastry filled with chewy lotus paste and coated with crispy sesame seeds.

One Asia Sesame Seed Balls
One Asia Marriott’s Sesame Seed Balls

Indore Marriott epitomises a sense of grandeur that no other hotel does

For those unaware, One Asia will now be a restaurant and bar all rolled into one! One place where you can indulge in a guilt-free, low-calorie meal with high nutritional value. I guess will make a suave option for corporates and entrepreneurs, to savour a quiet business lunch or dinner! To add to the tranquillity, there’s sophisticated décor and contemporary design elements in the background. In all seriousness, Indore Marriott, is one-of-the-best hotels, in town, designed to feature private dining, interactive kitchen, a robust food selection, and a range of “must-have” signature delights that impart authenticity. I can’t thank Devesh Rawat (GM) and Anuja (PR) enough for having me over for this incredible sampling experience.

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