Spa at Home with Neemli’s Coffee and Cocoa Body Wrap

Neemli Naturals took birth purely for the love of herbal products! Neemli Naturals offer natural body care products, such as Body Scrubs, Soaps, Lip Balms Face Mask’s and so forth. Their products help with restoring body, psyche and soul in the true sense. The adoption of holistic approach certainly has a colossal effect. Neemli utilises a blend of age-old customary strategies and present-day resourcefulness. Which implies, no counterfeit additives or chemicals! Every one of the items contains 100% characteristic fundamental oils and other natural items. I had the delight to attempt their Lip Balm, scrub and after that the Coffee and Cocoa body wrap. The sugar lip scrub is absolutely wonderful, yet the body wrap carries back the entire Spa experience with it.

Regardless of whether you are planning a romantic day out, or unwinding yourself from usual work routine; this coffee and cocoa body wrap will awaken your dull appearance. Likewise, together coffee and cocoa diminish puffiness, and helps you to lose cellulite. Similarly, Bentonite clay (rich in minerals) expels toxins from the pores and revives your skin.

Neemli’s Ingredients – Coffee, Cocoa & Bentonite Clay

Create a ‘Spa’ day at home with Neemli’s body wraps! Not only are these luxurious treatments relaxing but they also assist with weight loss! Coming back to ingredients, how is coffee good for skin? Caffeine my friend does affect our skin! A coffee scrub applied in a circular, massage motion, stimulates blood flow, which in return diminishes acne, cellulite and stretch marks. How about Cocoa? To begin with, Cocoa removes toxins from the outer layers of the skin! When blended with coffee, the mixture and the heat activates the compaction of the detoxified fatty tissue. Moreover, the rich minerals present essential nutrients that permeate the cell walls! Similarly, Bentonite clay is abundant in minerals which help in removing toxins from the skins pores.

Neemli’s Coffee and Cocoa Body Wrap on My Skin

This powerful combination of natural extracts results in detoxing, firming and oxidants for the skin. Apply it for 45 minutes for best results, then scrub it off lightly! Soak under a warm shower, and feel the difference once you step out of the washroom. This treatment will beautify the attractiveness of the skin, by eliminating dead cells. Also, this is the most natural way to break down fat and increase metabolism. The minerals smoothens your skin’s texture and gives it a fair complexion. In reality, it’s indeed a holistic and creative body wrap!

The results are visible immediately after you apply the wrap once. The experience is similar to the one you get in a sauna and steam room, but with more comfort. Neemli products don’t encourage artificial fragrance. The products are vegan-friendly and 100% natural. Ever since Brand’s launch in 2015, they have already added several soaps, scrubs, balms and more to their roster. Whether Neemli or not, if you love your skin, then always opt for organic products.

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