The Most Luxurious Resorts & Hotels of Nashik

Nashik is that city of Maharashtra, which gives you the taste of both, old-world, as well as, the new-age tillage. In this one city, you can travel over, from 1st-century Buddhist caves to present-time vineyards in a matter of few minutes. Flourishing with tender grapes, swirling around wooden sticks, and ancient temples rooted on Godavari River, Nashik is a state-of-the-art chronicle of India’s holy subsistence. Tales of this city never cease to amuse me, then may it, about King Ram, who bathed in Ram Kund or Queen Sita, who stayed at the Sita Gufaa or caves.

Pandavleni Caves Kund

Although, you do need a glass of a fine Cabernet wine, to absorb the enchanting history of Maharashtra’s 3rd-largest city. Enveloped in the splendid beauty of Deccan peninsula, Nashik also offers some of the best luxuries of Maharashtra in town. With enticing luxurious properties, food crafted in gold, upper-crust sports, sundowner pool parties, to finest of Spa treatments, there is an endless list of pampering’s waiting to be unwrapped by you. One such luxury is a range of affluent accommodation that spells grandeur from its very actuality.

Nashik Hotels

My recent visit to the ‘Grape city Nashik’ made me aware of it’s 3 top properties, which will ensure you enjoy the city in its best light. Here’s a rundown of my personal favourites and your next best options.

1. Taj Gateway

Taj Gateway, Ambad, Nashik
Picture Credit: Taj Gateway

Taj Gateway is the only 5-star property in Nashik by star rating. Like any other Taj property, Gateway Nashik is yet another perfect blend of effectiveness and comfort at its best. Starting with thoughtfully designed spacious rooms, world-class amenities to photo-perfect views, everything about Taj Gateway Ambad, is just as wonderful, as you’d expect it to be. Unquestionably, the best property in Nashik to relax and unwind from the chaotic city lifestyle.

2. Express Inn

Express Inn Outdoor Pool

The next best accommodation in Nashik, is Express Inn, a 3-star property, offering 5-star services. This one is a perfect stop for business travellers and tourists visiting the city for the first time. From in-room foot massager to an outdoor swimming pool and luxury Spa, Express Inn out and out delivers unceasing thrill at every corner. Add to that, the luxury of watching Pandavleni Caves straight from your room window. I stayed in the Express Suite, of Express Inn, in April 2018 and I certainly enjoyed my experience.

3. Soma Vine Village

Soma Vine Village
Picture Credit: Soma Vine Village

When visiting the Wine capital of India, it almost becomes essential to explore city’s famed vineyards. More so, when splendid resorts reign countryside with spectacular views of the grape farming. Soma Vine Village is one such lavish accommodation in Nashik featuring Regenta-Resort, Villas, camping options and Nashik’s first Wine lounge. Surrounded by the majestic Sahyadri Ranges, on the edge of the backwaters of Gangapur Dam, Soma Vine Village’s magnificence is incomparable in the region. Certainly, one-of-the-best Business and Luxury Hotels in the city to consider for a stay in the lap of nature.

The best part about staying at these hotels is that you can enjoy the mesmerising panorama of Nashik at your convenience. Rent the hotel car and explore the city when the climate is pleasant. When done with discovering Nashik’s historical significance, seek relaxation in the hotel’s lavish Spa to balance your lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan a thrilling vacation to this religious, yet, lavishly appointed centre of India.

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