First Look inside the New Indore Marriott

Established by Holkar Dynasty, Indore was once a Maratha Royal House of India! Located on Malwa Plateau, Indore is a city that will surprise you with its variety of cultural flavours. More so, if you are staying at Indore Marriott, a Marriott International chain famed as a destination within a destination. I spent a weekend at this hotel and what a lavish welcome it was into the 16th-century city of Holkar’s.

Indore Marriott Tower I & II
Indore Marriott Wide Angle Tower I and II

First Look inside the new Indore Marriott

Entering MP’s largest luxury hotel had my eyes glitter with tears of joy. For, Indore Marriott takes the world-class experience a notch higher, by welcoming you to a Peacock Lobby Door crafted with 22 Karat Gold embellishments. Oh, boy! Those Indian Peacocks in gold spelt nothing short of royalty, power, and immortality.

Indore Marriott Gold Lobby Door
Indore Marriott Gold Lobby Door in Peacock Design

Spellbound, I walked through the magnificent lobby door, to be further greeted by a traditional, rather ceremonial Indian welcome. Indore Marriott fastens your vacay mode by placing a red ‘Tilak’ on your forehead and offering a super refreshing welcome drink.

Indore Marriott Main Lobby
Indore Marriott Main Lobby Reception

Furthermore, the check-in desk swiftly processed my arrival before handing over the smart room key card. Either way, Marriott Indore flaunts a striking grand lobby, enriched into the works of classic and contemporary designs. Ultimately, those swanky designs are a great distraction if you are in waiting, with other guests.

Marriott Indore Concierge
Marriott Indore Concierge

Some of the small pleasures at upscale hotels include porter service transporting your luggage to your room. Saving you the trouble of dragging your luggage all along the long corridors. Which reminds me, before I took off to my room, I also happened to stumble upon this exclusive Chivas Lounge next to the common waiting area. 

Marriott Indore Chivas Lounge
Marriott Indore Chivas Lounge in the Lobby

Inside Indore Marriott Junior Suite 1101

Numbers play an important role in my life! (Especially, the repeating numbers like 111 since, it signifies all good things) For the same reason, I was more than pleased to find out that my junior suite room number was none other than 1101. Inside the junior suite, is this regal 549sqft ‘air-conditioned’ space featuring the ‘best-of-best’ facilities.

Marriott Junior Suite 1101
Marriott Junior Suite 1101

I drew the curtains and found Marriott’s beauteous garden and pool lounge, gawking back at me. Nature is the best luxury, don’t you think? I love eco-friendly resorts that take an initiative, to bring people closer to what’s essentially important. Without a doubt, Marriott’s yearn for uniting panache with the natural world is commendable. 

Indore Marriott hors-d'oeuvres
Indore Marriott hors-d’oeuvres in junior suite

Together with, elaborate access to M Club Lounge and Honor bar. Also, Marriott has pretty much mastered the art of delighting and surprising their guests. These unexpected gifts kept coming to me in the form of hors-d’oeuvres, desserts, beverages, and a complimentary pressing option. Did I tell you, the mini-bar is loaded with great munchies and beverages for those midnight cravings?

Indore Marriott Mini Fridge
Indore Marriott Mini Fridge in Junior Suite 1101

Luxuries of a Junior Suite

I am not a big fan of TV, yet, the large 49″ LED screen TV inside the suite roped me into watching “Noone Killed Jessica” at night. The King size bed was far too comfy with a bunch of pillows and a soft cotton quilt. In all honesty, I could have easily reclined in bed, all day long, without doing something.

Indore Marriott LED TV
Indore Marriott 49″ LED TV in Junior Suite

To glorify junior suite, Indore Marriott, has added rich wooden furnishings and controllable mood lighting to its fresh smelling suites that ensure endless comfort. From King-size bed for the maximum amount of sleeping space to essential services being complimentary, every little thing made a big difference. Also, you will never miss an important call with the 2 telephones provision.

Indore Marriott 2 Phones
Indore Marriott 2nd Phone in the En-suite washroom

Addicted to Wi-Fi and Amenities? Well! Suites not only, give you access to the free high-speed internet, but also, a chic amenity box. About internet, I highly recommend you subscribe to the premium plan for INR 900 to stream uninterrupted live videos. When staying at a monumental property, why not go live and share your special moments with the world?

Indore Marriott Work Desk
Indore Marriott Work Desk inside Junior Suite

Junior Suite Ensuite Bathroom 

High on aesthetics, Marriott Indore has furbished the most sophisticated furnishings in their suites. Here, have a look at their graceful walk-in-closet containing the safe, hangers, bathrobes, Iron, ironing board, and shoe amenities.

Indore Marriott Walk-in Closet
Indore Marriott Walk-in Closet inside Junior Suite

Likewise, the en-suite washroom draws attention to its spacious space with twin basins, amenities box, hairdryer, and premium Inara toiletries. (Alas! no bathtub)

Indore Marriott Twin Basins
Indore Marriott Twin Basins inside Junior Suite

The Junior Suite, at Indore Marriott, is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a family of 3. On the contrary, checking-in alone is both a luxury, as well as, a great opportunity to connect with self. Whichever the case, enjoy the premium range of Inara toiletries in the suite washroom.

Indore Marriott Inara Toiletries
Indore Marriott Inara Premium Toiletries

Exemplary Fine Dining Experience at the Indore Kitchen

My dining experience at Indore Marriott turned out to be, just as glamorous, as my stay. Not only, did I have the pleasure to savour numerous delicacies, but, also a chance to tour the famed restaurants. Here’s a glimpse of the private dining area inside the lavishly appointed Indore Kitchen. This isolated area flaunts a rotating table to add an extra spark to your private banquet.

Indore Marriott Private Dining Area
Indore Marriott Private Dining Area with a Rotating Table

After relishing an array of exquisite delicacies, I’d say, Chef Kalia’s legendary passion for creating memorable dishes was evident throughout. But, it’s his method of using fresh organic produce to create mouth-watering masterpieces, is what makes him the King of comfort food in Indore.

Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia
Indore Marriott Executive Chef Vivek Kalia

Indore Kitchen surpassed all my expectations!

From lip-smacking appetisers to a fine main course, Indore Kitchen staff kept bringing time-honoured dishes to my table, one after another. Although, the thing I enjoyed the most was the series of the LIVE ‘exotic food’ counters. (Try the Mongolian one for its distinct flavours) One of the most appetising meaty starters was this signature special seekh kebab. 

Indore Marriott Lamb Seekh Kebab
Indore Marriott Lamb Seekh Kebab

Followed by, a platter of prawn and hummus bruschettas! Over a conversation, Chef Kalia spoke about how he has travelled, lane-to-lane, in Indore, to gather authentic flavours in his culinary basket. He wanted to be sure of the local palate before converting any of those beautiful ingredients into dream food. I had just begun partaking a leisurely brunch and I could already tell that Chef Kalia knows best. 

Indore Marriott Prawn Bruschetta
Indore Marriott Prawn Bruschetta with Hummus

No matter, what your preference, you will be served, perfectly seasoned food under all circumstances. My favourite first-course dishes were the Paya soup, Rajwadi ‘crunchy’ Lamb Seekh Kebab, and the Seafood Bruschetta.

Indore Marriott Paya Soup
Indore Marriott Paya Soup

Divine Food Offering at Marriott Indore

The main course items that topped my “will-repeat-again” list were the Lamb Parda Biryani, Classic Rack of Lamb, and the extremely flavoursome Baked Fish. Notably, there’s something about this dum style, Lamb Parda Biryani that screams, try me. The slow-cooked Biryani rolls out rich, intense finger-licking Meditteranean flavours. Something you can’t resist! Comfort food again, making a perfect weekend meal with curry and raita.

Indore Marriott Lamb Parda Biryani
Indore Marriott Lamb Parda Biryani

Similarly, the tender rack of lamb was a brilliant centrepiece dish, with a crusty, juicy, and herbal touch. This beauty was served to me with roasted asparagus drizzled with olive oil, tangy vinaigrette onions, grilled bok choy, and baked baby carrots.

Indore Marriott Rack of Lamb
Indore Marriott Roasted Rack of Lamb

In the desserts, Chef Kalia nailed it with his signature Shahi Rasmalai. A masterpiece creation enveloped in a gorgeous caramelised sugar garnish, ready to seduce your palate, in microseconds. As well, a dash of ‘ceremonial’ red rose petals on the food plate enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the sweet course. A must-order dessert for a special occasion. 

Indore Marriott Shahi Dessert
Indore Marriott Shahi Dessert

Shaken, Stirred, and Layered Drinks

The mixologists at Indore Marriott will stir, shake, and layer out your drinks until they get perfect. I totally fell in love with “The Untold Story” and the Lemongrass Martinis. Here’s the exceptional, scotch-based cocktail, I tried the other night. Infused with cinnamon and baked citrus, this is also one-of-the spiciest and smokiest whisky I have ever tasted. 

Indore Marriott Scotch
Indore Marriott The Untold Story

Likewise, my Lemongrass Martini was also an exceptional drink served to me in a unique stemless funnel. What more, this impressive drink is placed in a jar of ice and basil to maintain the perfect cooling.

Indore Marriott Lemongrass Martini
Indore Marriott Lemongrass Martini

Indore Marriott, a Class Hotel for Luxury

I enjoyed an amenity-filled junior suite, exemplary dining, fitness facilities, breakfast in bed, long-standing ‘spirit to serve’ and an enjoyable clutter-free experience.

Indore Marriott Breakfast in Bed
Indore Marriott Breakfast in Bed

The hotel features 218 residential rooms, including 11 suites. (About 80 of these 218 rooms are situated in Tower 2 and are fully controllable by I-pads) Each room is a lavish affair with Italian Marbles, Belgian flooring and plenty of in-room amenities.

Indore Marriott Room Amenities
Indore Marriott In-Room Amenities

Marriott Indore also facilitates Valet parking, High tea, and 24-hour room service. Soon enough, this experience will drive the basic luxury into the 21st-century modernism with the launch of its rooftop bar, nightclub, and Quan Spa. I was happy to spend an hour at the fully-equipped Fitness centre for a cardio workout.

Indore Marriott Fitness Center
Indore Marriott Fitness Center

Alternate choice? Unwind in the outdoor pool on level 1, laze on the pool loungers, or get a drink at the pool bar & lounge. Marriott has strategically planted leisure activities at each corner to keep you entertained. Hence, a destination within a destination.

Indore Marriott Outdoor PoolIndore Marriott Outdoor Pool on Level 1

Indore Marriott, is an ideal hotel, for those who want incredible service at any cost. Need an airport drop at 6 AM in the morning? or a butler, or perhaps a last-minute print-out? The 24*7 concierge has a solution to all your problems. In short, all your needs will be attended to until you check out.

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