Club B is a Sumptuous Escape Sheathed in Luxury

Club B Juhu Interiors

Perched on the Beachland of Juhu, is Mumbai’s new Club B, bestrewing a brew of Mediterranean time capsules and Russian Design Bars. Enveloped in a bewitching charm of traditionally-modern engineering; Club B took us by surprise with its exemplary, fine-dining experience inside Kishore Kumar Bungalow. At first glimpse, Club B is an impressive venue slathered with luxe floor to ceiling interiors and vintage cushioned chairs. On the launch day, we had quite a few interesting conversations with the mixologists over a rotating selection of house cocktails. Besides, who can ever go wrong with hangover-free drinks, right?

Club B Mumbai

To add to that, Club B’s incandescent neon lighting, had a Dunning Kruger effect on us, drawing us into its impetuous vortex. We lounged around with our bourbon to notice B’s well-laid dining set up with lavish Chandeliers, marble-top tables, and cavern-like interiors.

B Juhu Scotch

If Whiskey is a drink for quiet contemplation then, Club B is our new Scotch corner. Immersed in the historic-tales of 16-Year-Old Lagavulin and 18-Year-Old Glenfiddich, B is where Scotch gets its flavor in Mumbai. However, for an ‘Absinthe-minded’ night, we suggest you try their woodworm and anise-infused fennel blend. 

Creative Cuisine Club B

Feast your eyes, as for the culinary tasting, we sampled a variety of dishes from the ‘small and big’ plate menu. Some of our standout favorites were the seafood Al Ajillo, Jerusalem Fondue, Lamb Pave, and Lobster in Bloody Mary sauce. We tried not to get over excited but, by all means, our dinner was far too enticing for our raging appetite. Look for yourself!

B Juhu Creative Cuisine

With a sprinkle of borage blossoms, the very art of culinary presentation turned out to be sexy and lusciously inviting. Not only, do these gorgeously blue star-shaped flowers taste like cucumber, but also, add an Egyptian aesthetic to the salads, like the Elizabethan Age. Now what, can we say except, control your drooling as we help you make your dining plans.

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