For Chef Vicky Kumar, it’s nothing but New-Age Mediterranean

Sous Chef Vicky Kumar

It was a pleasure to meet Chef Kumar at Indore Marriott, who cooked me a wholesome Carré D’Agneau (Tender Rack of Lamb) on this very day. Marriott Chef Vicky Kumar has been cooking, in professional kitchens, for last 6 years. After having worked with the best chefs in the industry, Chef Kumar says, he draws his culinary passion from the freshness of ingredients and extraordinary ‘creative’ plating.

Executive Sous Chef Marriott

It’s fascinating to observe him in the kitchen, where his single focus is to roll out unmatched European culinary experiences. Tasting his food means taking a dining tour to a European destination, without having to travel outside your comfortable milieu!

Mediterranean Rack of Lambs

I was more than surprised by the excellent presentation, of the herbed Rack of Lamb, set up in an adventurous Mediterranean style. In fact, Marriott Indore’s Sous Chef Vicky, took the experience a notch higher, by adding an unexpected twist to this delicious French centrepiece dish. In a very Forest-y style, he presented the deliciously juicy ‘medium-rare’ racks with butter tossed baby carrots and sautéed mushrooms, in a rustic bucket.

Indore Marriott Mediterranean Rack of Lambs

Certainly an impressive transformation of my comfort food, which was served, along with, a glass of Australian Red Wine source from the Barossa Valley. Legends say the leaner your red meat, the lighter your red wine should be. Therefore, Chef Vicky chose to pair a bold and high tannin Red Wine to my rich cut, prime rib rack.

Indore Marriott European Lamb Dish

I asked Chef Vicky Kumar about his culinary expertise and the skills he’s gained from working with top hospitality partners. Here’s what he’s got to say!

Q: What is your favourite food to eat?

A: I love to try new cuisines, but, what I like the most is Mediterranean food

Q: Why did you choose to become a Chef?

A: I always had it in me! I love cooking and want to open my own restaurant, therefore, becoming a chef was the first step towards my dream goal.

Marriott Mediterranean Rack of Lambs
Perfectly Cooked Medium-Rare Racks by Chef Vicky Kumar

Q: What is your favourite cuisine to cook? Why?

A: I love cooking the Mediterranean, as this is one-of-the-most complex, yet, fascinating cuisines. Flavoursome, diverse, and simple comfort food cooked with the freshest of ingredients and ample of love.

Q: Give me an example of a meal you would prepare for me?

A: Since it’s summertime, I would love to cook you a Peruvian Mango Ceviche. Not only, is this dish flavoursome, but also, exclusive because I use fresh mangoes to enhance the freshness of seafood, which tastes just fantastic when cooked with the right technique. (Ironically, I have been waiting to visit Peru, since forever, but I think I’ll return to Indore Marriott soon enough, to try the Peruvian Mango Ceviche by Chef Vicky)

Marriott Indore Lamb Dish

Q: What do you do to ensure the quality of the food going out to customers?

A: Quality food starts with quality ingredients. Therefore, I choose only the freshest and the best quality ingredients. and cook them to a right degree with the right amount of skills.

Q: Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career

A: Guest satisfaction is my greatest achievement in my cooking career. Chef Kumar says nothing gives him a better sense of accomplishment than having a guest appreciate his food. For that matter, even return back to eat the same dish. It’s his daily inspiration and his fuel to create better than the best.

Q: Tell me 3 things that you consider to be your strengths

A: The urge to learn, the passion to create and innovate, and most importantly, having a customer-oriented approach.

Q: How much do you really love cooking?

A: It certainly can’t be measured, on a scale, for I think I live for Cooking. I sleep with its thoughts and wake up with an urge to create and learn something new.

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