8 Best Restaurants in India Worth Exploring

The Queen of diversity, India, represents the essence of its soil through a series of etymology. From Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari, to Arunachal Pradesh, to Gujarat, India is a journey of a soul. When I think India, I anticipate Red Bandhej Dupatta with glass work, in my head along with, a large bindi on forehead exemplifying various aspects of the Hindu culture. I also dwell upon traditional cuisines, Indian sculptural motifs, and unbelievably far-reaching panoramic beauty. One corner of India, flourishes with palm-fringed coastlines, while, other corners either trudge through deep snow or infinite deserts. It’s this concoction of weather and culture which eventually ramifies into an extensive range of Indian cuisine. Talking about which, some of the best restaurants in India, worth exploring, bring each slice of India’s culture onto your plate.

8 Best Restaurants in India Worth Exploring

I am in a rage, to explore all the best restaurants in India. Partly, I’m curious to find, what makes them so expensive? Secondly, because I like to research my way, into the world, of hospitality. My exploration reveals, extraordinary service and high-quality food, contributes the most, towards making a super hit blockbuster restaurant. Regardless, no matter where you arrive from, taking a trip to India, is like touring, the food bucket list. Therefore, eateries on my list can safely be addressed, as the culinary heavens of India. Even though, the best-of-best restaurants in India may not necessarily be the most luxurious ones. At times, you will also find incredible food at roadside Dhabas and home kitchens. But, for now, let’s begin, with my list of high-end, dining-hotspots of India, trending for their kaleidoscopic flavours.

1. Tiqri, Taj Santacruz (Mumbai, Maharashtra) (Costs INR 10000 for Two)

Nothing like a Sunday Brunch at Tiqri Bar & Lounge

2. Theory, Kamala Mills, (Mumbai, Maharashtra) (Costs INR 5000 for Two)

THEORY, a Legendary Cocktail Den in South Mumbai!

3. Marriott Indore Kitchen (Indore, MP) (Costs INR 4000 for Two)

Sunday F Brunch at Marriott’s Indore Kitchen

4. Playboy Club (Mumbai, Maharashtra) (Costs INR 4000 for Two)

Playboy Club Mumbai is a throwback to 90’s with Bunnies

5. Radisson Ni Hao (Indore, MP) (Costs INR 4000 for Two)

First Look Inside Radisson Blu Indore’s Executive Suite

6. Marriott One Asia (Indore, MP) (Costs INR 4000 for Two)

One Asia, a Goldmine of Authentic Asian Flavours in Indore

7. Radisson Indiya Oye (Indore, MP) (Costs INR 3000 for Two)

First Look Inside Radisson Blu Indore’s Executive Suite

8. Radisson The Creative Kitchen (Indore, MP) (Costs INR 3000 for Two)

First Look Inside Radisson Blu Indore’s Executive Suite

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