The Most Picturesque AirBnB Accommodation in Mumbai

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This year in August, I tried my first Airbnb accommodation, in Mumbai for over 8 days. The all-new, chic alternative to a hotel is indeed, an economic panacea for long-stays. I downloaded the app, began my search and stumbled upon this lovely apartment in Goregaon East. Not only, did the room appear to be as plush as a hotel room, but the scenic beauty that came along is what captured my heart!

Here’s how it works! You pay the advance rent online, which includes Airbnb service charges and the taxes. Thereafter, you can message the flat owner, using the app to find out the flat location along with other details. It’s easy to book, however, I highly recommend you to check the house rules, before making a payment.

The Airbnb Accommodation in Goregaon East

This apartment is listed under Royal Room, on Airbnb, in the Royal Palms locality of Goregaon East. By all means, this is perhaps, the only place in Mumbai suburbs, where you get to admire such picturesque views. Nature at its best, as you can see in the pictures! I was excited at the idea of finally getting to stay at an Airbnb. For every traveller, eventually, it’s the unconventional stories that become memories, although, it’s the unpredictability that supersedes expectations. What we expect and what we actually receive can be handled well, by establishing standards, to encourage travel zen.

My Airbnb host (Pooja Mehta) came across as a passionate person, sharing her corner of the world with people having similar tastes. As a matter of fact, the wall that leads to her main door is covered in art and this is where the actual journey begins. She is not a side-hustler, therefore, Airbnb is a platform for her to meet new people and reinvent herself. She truly wants to share her life with you, because she is not driven by the profits. Pooja and her pet Morrocco will welcome you with all their heart.

Rating my experience based on certain expectations

The apartment is easy to reach and within a 7-minute drive from Goregaon East highway. The building offers lake view on one side and valley on the other, so either way, you are in for a treat. Also, note that this listed apartment is on the top floor, which offers better views than those on lower floors.

The apartment has 3 beautiful air-conditioned bedrooms, with stunning views and access to modern amenities. Sometimes, all the rooms are occupied, therefore, expect to be around 4-5 people at one time. The best thing about this house is that it flaunts a ravishing balcony with valley view. The air-conditioned room is reasonably priced at INR 1300 per night, with an additional discount of 10% on weekly bookings.

No house rules, but be an adult  and know your limits)

Hosting (5/5)

For my first Airbnb experience, the owner appeared to be a generous and overwhelmingly friendly person. By all means, she is a wonderful host and you will enjoy her hospitality. This place is an ideal stay over, for expats, solo travellers and couples seeking accommodation in this area.

Cleanliness (4/5)

Hygiene is the utmost requirement while considering a vacation rental. As much as I love animals, I know that once you have a pet, your house will never be spick and span. Therefore, hosts with pets must certainly look into this aspect, groom their pets from time to time and keep the common space as grime-less as possible. Above all, the guests must follow set standards of cleanliness in a shared environment.

Food (5/5)

The owner has housemaids who visit once a day, to clean and cook. The girl Uma, is sweet and will make you a hot cup of tea, along with breakfast on request. Please note that breakfast is not included in the rent. For Lunch/Dinner, please refer to Zomato as it offers a wide selection of restaurants. I ordered from different restaurants every day, therefore, my cuisine experience was extraordinary.

Privacy (3/5)

Privacy was a concern, in this 3bhk apartment. There were at least 5 guests at one time, plus, the owner had visitors. This made it almost impossible to find a quiet corner when I wanted to get my work done. I am a friendly person, but I also love my space, therefore, I would have loved a little more time with myself to enjoy this place. By and large, a 4/5 for this lovely property, as there is always room to reinvent.

Airbnb Accommodation is an Ideal Ecosystem for Frequent Travellers

Airbnb can be regarded, as one-of-the largest listing sites, in the Indian short-term rental market. When competing with hotels, each Airbnb host must set themselves up, to deliver a professional experience. Note, that this apartment is a party train for people visiting Mumbai for the first time, or on a vacation. We played Antakshari (the musical parlour game), snakes and ladder that revived childhood memories, and indulged in plenty of laughter.

As opposed to a vacation home designed for visitors, with Airbnb, you will be staying in someone’s living space which has its own pro’s and cons. As far as you are an adult and draw boundaries for yourself, Airbnb will work just fine for you.

Insider Tip: When you book the room online, message the owner to request for the Lake view room. This room does not have an attached bath, but the view is incredible. The other 2 rooms offer valley view with an attached bath.

If this is your first time in Mumbai, then the owner will guide you through the right places, cuisines and culture. She travels internationally and has a wide experience with hospitality, tourism and global interactions. You will have no problem communicating with her, as she is more than willing to help all the guests.

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  1. Hi, chintha, this property is priced at INR 1300 per day, plus there is an additional discount of 10% if you make a weekly booking…A hotel in Mumbai will cost you around 4500 per night with the same amenities 🙂

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