Some of the best places to visit in Stockholm

Sweden glares in stride with some of the most futuristic trends worth following, from the world’s coolest ice bar to the largest spherical structure. The trendy island district Söder, the exhilarating bar-restaurants of Östermalm, famous climacterics of Kungliga slottet, or the vast cobblestone alleys of Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden’s renowned city, mainly sums up Sweden’s innovation. Stockholm’s remarkable combination of classic and modern masterpieces will wow you!

Sweden Architecture

Old ochre-coloured buildings and theatre gardens resurrect old world charm and national romance. Aside from its architecture, Stockholm is known for its cuisine excursions and musical enclaves. Consume native foods such as Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, and crayfish in between sightseeing. Among many things to do in Stockholm, here’s a list of some of the top places to visit.

Stockholm City Hall | Nobel Prize Venue

Stockholm City Hall, located on the island of Kungsholmen and across the streets of Hantverkargatan, is a prestigious Nobel Prize venue. Stockholm City Hall, crowned with three golden starlets and a lamp-shaped copper belfry, is one of Stockholm’s most well-known contours. This Nobel Prize site, designed by architect Ragnar Östberg and constructed from eight million bricks, is one of Sweden’s significant prototypes of national romanticism.

Stockholm Town Hall First Floor

The Blue and Golden Halls, which are honoured by the Nobel laureates and the royal family of Sweden, are the main draws of this fantastic venue. The Blue Hall organ has a total of 10,270 pipes, making it the largest in Scandinavia. Visit to be amazed by the oriental Venetian engineering, elemental courtyards, and bricked wall arcades that tell the story of all the main ceremonies it has hosted.

Vasa Ship Museum

The Vasa Ship Museum should be your second stop in Stockholm, where you will meet the most alluring sixteenth-century nautical warship. The Vasa sank just hours after setting sail, only to be discovered three centuries later on the seabed.

Vasa Ship Museum

This magnificent ship was built for Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus in the 16th century and is fitted with the best guns and metal decorations. Vasa miraculously arrived near-intact on the seashore after 333 years. You may learn about Vasa’s history and explore thousands of relics found with it at Vasamuseet, the Vasa Ship Museum.

Stockholm Royal Palace

The 13th-century Kungliga Slottet (English name: Stockholm Palace) is the official royal residence of the Swedish monarch. This royal palace, created by architect Nicodemus Tessin and located in Gamla Stan, depicts the seat of the King’s administration.

Inside Stockholm Royal Palace

Stockholm Royal Palace, restored in the 17th century, features décor from both biblical and modern times. Visit this palace to see how the regents stroll the red carpet and get a behind-the-scenes look at massive facades adorned with wall-sized paintings, Rococo-style grandeur interiors, antique furnishings, and royally guarded antiquities. Every part of this castle exudes magnificence!

Ericsson Globen Arena

The Ericsson Globen Arena is the world’s largest hemispheric structure. One of the main reasons to go there is to see the incredible Stockholm views from its rooftop. Surprisingly, the Sun of the Swedish solar system, the world’s biggest scale model, is included in this multi-purpose facility.

Sky View Ericsson Stockholm

Internationally renowned performers such as Michael Jackson and Jon Bon Jovi have performed in Ericsson Globen Arena’s concert arena. This venue also holds sporting events and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The Absolut Ice Bar

Stockholm’s very own Ice Bar is another non-historical venue worth adding to your bucket list. Absolut Ice Bar is a one-of-a-kind ice bar with ice-based furnishings and flatware. This ice bar, frequented by Hollywood celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, is made entirely of the purest ice gathered from the river Torne.

Absolut Ice Bar

It’s a terrific spot to unwind after a long day and to make things more exciting – this bar/restaurant offers a complimentary drink with an admittance card. The hot antipasti arrive on a bed of ice plate, which is a lot of fun to see. You’ll also like the music and the all-encompassing tour that lets you see nordic ice sculptures.

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