Vanya AnaarGlo Face Mask for a Flawless Glow

AnaarGlo Face Mask is Vanya’s new herbal luxury product infused with the benefits of Pomegranate extract and natural oils. The fruit of heaven, pomegranate, is said to be the greatest of all-natural components for perfectly radiant skin. Vanya’s pomegranate face mask is infused with vitamins, cold-pressed oils, and antioxidants, resulting in blemish-free, silky, and beautiful facial skin. Use twice a week for optimum results! Vanya’s pomegranate skin whitening face mask gave my face a new sensation of freshness during our one-month usage.

Vanya Anaar Glo face mask

Purified water, pomegranate extract, Rosa Damascena flower water, xanthan gum, glycerin, lemon extract, and geranium natural oil are among its active ingredients.

Benefits of Pomegranate Face Mask

Vanya Pomegranate face mask is a nutritive blend of pomegranate fruit extract, aloe vera, lemon juice, and natural rose water that has been incorporated into a relaxing mask in a unique way. This gel-based face mask visibly improves the appearance of ageing skin and is suited for all skin types.

Vanya Pomegranate Face Mask

Vanya’s pomegranate face mask also hydrates and smoothes the skin while removing visible tanning. Overall, a fantastic organic mask for giving your skin a healthy, youthful look. Vanya AnnarGlo facemask also minimises acne in acne-prone skin with frequent usage.

Application Instructions

Cleanse the face and place a hot cloth over it for five minutes. After that, pat dry and apply the gel facemask to the face and neck right away. After 20-minutes, thoroughly rinse with warm water. After removing the mask, use skin toner and gently massage moisturiser over your face and neck for optimum results.

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