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Comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the United Kingdom is a fascinating island nation towards northwestern Europe. Popular as, the land of Shakespeare, Britain’s historic state, of England, is packed with pulsating romance, urban colonization, breathtaking countryside and multifarious-adventures for travellers. London, it’s capital boasts a comprehensively powerful amalgamation of finance and culture. This globally influential and modernised capital has its roots tracing back to the Roman era. London is home to impressive landmarks such as the Big Ben Clock Tower, Coca-Cola London Eye, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Thames River. Britain is likewise the site of Neolithic Stonehenge and centuries-old Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Over 5000 years of history, Britain packs a great amount of enormity into its disintegrating strongholds, medieval churches, ageless scenery and phenomenal monuments. 

Tower of London landscape

When our Co-Ceo Dr Nihar Gite first travelled to Great Britain, her first point of interest was the renowned Oxford University. She hails from the education background, hence she could not contain her joy when we arranged for her to tour one of the Oxford University colleges. In her words, “I felt like a student when I toured the campus. The tour gave me an insight into what it’s like to study here. However, unlike I expected, the entrance wasn’t crowded with fancy cars. It was, in fact, lined with bicycles. This was an excellent way to get introduced to college.” We have jotted the complete orientation in a separate article for you to know about all the things you can do, while on a University tour.

Oxford University Nihar Gite

Rest of the week was spent exploring the Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Madame Tussauds Museum, Birmingham Palace and the city foreground. The Tower of London, per say, is the official Fortress of London. This palatial-complex safeguards over twenty-five thousand jewels of the Royal family. Including the 530-carat Cullinan diamond embedded in the Royal Sceptre! Even though, the most celebrated residents here, are the Ravens. If you must ask why, then let us tell you, that the Monarchy believes the White Tower and constituency will crumble to its downfall if the birds leave. For the same reason, Prince Charles introduced a “Royal Decree,” stating that at any given time, there must be at least 6 Ravens present in the Tower of London. (To be on the safe side, they keep eight) 

Tower of London Walls

The entire trip was an insight into the regal lifestyle, the commercial constituency and the independent culinary ragers of Britain. Along the way, we found out that Britain took its name after Britons, an iron-age Celtic tribe. Which, is why they speak three languages here – Cornish, Welsh, and Breton. The most fascinating part of visiting Great Britain is learning more about the Queen. Reigning the Kingdom since February 1952, Queen Elizabeth II is the reason why we love the United Kingdom. Did you know that she owns 1/6th of Earth’s landmass? Truly amazing, isn’t it? Also, Queen Elizabeth is the only woman on this planet, who travels without a passport. She also carries her feather pillows and toilet seat along. Let alone the bling clairvoyance, the travelling without passport bit is more enthralling. For what else could a traveller truly want?

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