Trio Waterfalls Tour in Kerala: A Deeply Soothing Episode

The Trio Waterfalls: Athirappilly, Charpa, and Vazhachal waterfalls are some of nature’s most spectacular masterpieces, providing an exhilarating experience.

In the last few years, life, as we know it, has undergone a dramatic shift. The pandemic drove us all to the brink, forcing us to take a step back and reflect. As our social relationships and the work-life balance shifted, we saw the world from a new perspective, one where the little things counted the most. This idea also echoes in the way we are currently travelling! The new wave of experience-based travel is welcome as the world slowly recovers and reopens its doors to wanderlust.

Vazhachal Falls
Vazhachal Falls

Kerala offers a wealth of small things that create a lasting impression, be it the blanket of forests that cocoons you the moment you step foot inside the state, the soothing sound of gushing streams or the spicy flavours that take your tastebuds on an adventure.

Kerala for Experience Based Travel

Authentic experiences prevail over touristy itineraries, and ordinary travellers are becoming explorers, on the lookout, for memorable moments. And what better place to begin than God’s Own Country, Kerala, the perennial and simplistically beautiful state. Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, peaceful backwaters, evergreen forests, or magnificent mountains and gushing waterfalls, Kerala invites you to make a unique memory of every occasion. Kerala wants you to calm down, let go, and be entirely immersed in its natural beauty. The trio waterfalls are three such surroundings in Kerala, each with a fascinating backstory.

The Trio Waterfalls in Kerala

Natural romance will reveal itself to you when you feel the water cascading down the rocks and sprinkling on your cheeks. I’d always wanted to see the waterfall trifecta of Athirapally, Charpa, and Vazhachal, and this was the perfect opportunity. After all these years, I was finally allowed to do so.

Athirappilly Waterfall

Athirappilly is a small village 30 kilometres from Chalakudi and an hour and a half drive from Kochi International Airport. I arrived at our hotel, Niraamaya Samroha, after nightfall. My villa had a view of the Chalakudi river and Athirapilly falls when I awakened in the morning. The falls were barely a few kilometres away, so I took the trio waterfall tour with Samroha. You can get an entry ticket at either the Athirapilly or Vazhachal falls parking lots. I was able to see both falls with just one ticket. Let the adventure begin at the Athirappilly falls.

Athirappilly Waterfalls
Athirappilly Waterfalls

Getting from the parking lot to the riverbank is a 2-kilometre walk on a well-paved trail through the trees. From here, I made my way to the top of the falls over a path of mossy rocks. Make sure your shoes are comfy for the long walk ahead. When it comes to places to visit in Kerala, Athirappilly Falls isn’t on the radar of an average tourist. Even though it is the largest waterfall in Kerala, few people visit this attraction. Athirappilly Falls, 330 ft wide and half the height of Niagara Falls in the United States, garnered massive attention after Bahubali was filmed there.

The forest service has installed barricades at the top of the falls to prevent visitors from tumbling over while trying to get a better view of the falls. Although the lush rain forest and the scenic Chalakudi river provide a great backdrop, the falls weren’t in full force with winters at their peak. Locals can be seen swimming in the river if you stroll upstream along the riverbank. As an alternative, descend a rocky path through the woods to reach the falls’ bottom. Even though it isn’t thoroughly paved, the most difficult parts of the route are fended by railings. Walk carefully as the grounds are wet. You will see several fascinating flowers on the way.

At the base of the falls, forest guards were visible to prevent adventure seekers from drowning in the fast-flowing river. This waterfall is an awe-inspiring experience. Although in the face of the spray, the camera lens is imperilled by the roaring waters. Surprisingly, going upward was far more manageable than going downhill! The Malakkappara tea estate on the Tamil Nadu border is a popular stop for travellers heading to Athirappilly Falls. Forest Department and Vana Samrakshana Samithi permissions are required to access Athirappilly Falls. The waterfall is rung by luxurious lodgings for visitors.

Charpa Waterfall

Charpa Waterfalls
Charpa Waterfalls

The beautiful Charpa Waterfall, located between the well-known Athirappilly and Vazhachal waterfalls in Thrissur, cascades down from a height of approximately 70 feet. You don’t need a ticket to see it. If you’re looking for a quick photo op, this is the place. However, due to ongoing construction activity on the main road, I couldn’t get close to the Charpa Waterfall. Be on the lookout for the area’s resident monkeys, likely to be mischievous.

Vazhachal Waterfall

Vazhachal is a jewel, one of Kerala’s most famous waterfalls. The Falls are located only 5 km from the entrance of Athirappilly Falls, near the edge of the Sholayar hills. Vazhachal, together with Athirapalli, creates a garland of waterfalls that beautify the Chalakuddy river in Chalakuddy. These waterfalls are favoured for not just their scenic spectacle, but also the rare species that thrive in the dense forests surrounding them. Four endangered Hornbill species have been found here, making it the only spot in the Western Ghats where they can live.

Vazhachal Entrance

Vazhachal is 36 kilometres from Chalakudy and it graces Sholayar Mountain, which soars to a height of 1,000 feet. Located in the Malabar region’s lush interior, Vazhachal epitomises the natural splendour of Kerala’s backcountry. The western ghats are unleashed in all their magnificence here, with rich fauna and wildlife. Traditional Malabar, with its jungle appeal and flowing white streams, can be found in this location. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will find Vazhachal a formidable place to visit for all the reasons listed above.

Veidehi Gite Vazhachal

Vazhachal, like Athirappilli, is a popular picnic spot because of its tranquil atmosphere and soothing natural beauty. Drive from Kochi International Airport to Athirappilly Falls via Chalakudy State Highway 21. From the bus station in Chalakudy, buses operated by the government and commercial enterprises run every hour. You can access Athirapally by road, from Kerala’s Valparai or Munnar tea estates. The South Indian Hornbill, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Grey Hornbill, and Malabar Grey Hornbill, among others, can be found at Sholayar Reserve Forest.

Vazhachal Kerala

The trek to the falls’ base is a must for hikers who are comfortable on their feet. There are numerous Western Ghats birds, butterflies, and flora to see, and if you’re lucky, you might even see a Malabar Giant Squirrel. The only time I saw it was up in a large tree. Visitors from Ernakulam and Thrissur flock to the area on weekends and public holidays. Visit on a weekday to enjoy the peace, as I did. Spend the entire day exploring the Charpa and Vazhachal waterfalls, as well as the Malaka Parai tea estates on the border of Tamil Nadu and Valparai. A chance like this doesn’t come along every day.

It was a wonderful experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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