6 Best Things to Do in Liechtenstein

After spending half a day at Swarovski Crystal World Museum in Wattens, we proceeded to the principality of Liechtenstein, only to run into Europe’s most breathtaking views. This German-speaking country draws its cultural, agricultural, and architectural aspirations from Germany, Austria, and, Switzerland. That along with the added advantage of its riverside location! Lounging leisurely on the banks of the river Rhine, Liechtenstein is a nation that is best enjoyed by a Tram ride, bit by bit, riding into the Central European world of wonders. While we were here, we chanced upon the six best things to do in Liechtenstein, and here’s the rundown of our list.

1. Enjoy a Tram Ride in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Vaduz Tram

By all means, the best way to explore Liechtenstein is to take a mini-train or tram tour where you get introduced to the nation’s absolving charm. This vibrantly-red city train operates in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, and takes you on an inspirational journey from the Princely estates of the Royals to the countryside meadows cloaked in surreal beauty. The Städtlezug train ride lasts for 40-minutes and departs at 4.30 PM every day so make sure to book in advance and arrive at least thirty minutes in advance.

2. Visit the Gutenberg Castle

Liechtenstein Gutenberg Castle

Gutenberg is Liechtenstein’s most-prestigious 12th-century Castle, for the fact that out of 5 original castles, this is the one that survived the fate of the furious. Situated 230 feet above ground level, and on a lovely hilltop, this fascinating castle represents the Neolithic Period. As, a matter of fact, Gutenberg castle is where, archaeologists also discovered the ‘Mars von Gutenberg’ statuette, which, is now preserved in the Liechtenstein National Museum. Gutenberg Castle is open to the public as a museum, and on Sundays, free access is granted to the castle’s rose garden and chapel.

3. Observe Modern Art at Kunstmuseum

Vaduz Tour Modern Art Museum

The Kunstmuseum is Liechtenstein’s museum of modern art exhibiting distinct cultural and historical facts, representing the national collection of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Therefore, this museum, not only, features extraordinary works of the classical modernism but also, includes the collection of 10-paintings that Liechtenstein received as a gift in 1967. Curated by Dr. Georg Malin, a Liechtenstein art historian, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is now open to the public for visits.

4. Explore Gothic Styled Vaduz Cathedral

Visit Liechtenstein

Built in 18th-century by Friedrich von Schmidt, Vaduz Cathedral, is a neo-Gothic church of St. Florin. This church holds a significant place in Liechtenstein’s history as Prince Franz Joseph II, Princess Georgina, and Princess Elisabeth from the ruling monarchy were all buried here. Indeed a fascinating ancient castle worth exploring!

5. Liechtenstein National Museum

Vaduz Castle

Another interesting place of visit in Liechtenstein is the National Museum exhibiting 42 rooms full of artifacts, portraying the nation’s culture, history, and landscape beauty. These 14th-century museum rooms towards the mountain slope are spread across three buildings and were once the custom house, princely tavern, as well as, the seat of the government.

6. Take Pictures of Tre Cavalli

Liechtenstein Tre Cavalli

Last but not least, taking pictures at Tre Cavalli (3 horses), a pre-Columbian art exhibiting bronze horse sculptures, is how you must end your Liechtenstein tour. These demonstrative horse statues by Swiss artist Nag Arnoldi represent the intertwined myth between the horse and the human, depicting joy, pain, and artistic influences of Pablo Picasso.

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